Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ocean of Fire

by Ewa and Eric

My wife began to share what she saw in the sunset, as we returned from Arizona after meeting two new friends.  She spoke of what she saw in the sky, inspiring me to add my thoughts with her.  As we were touched by each others words, I told her I would write it for her.  In truth we wrote it together.

I am approaching the sunset,
Or perhaps I am standing still,
As the edge of the Earth approaches,
A springboard into the infinite,
Where what is takes no space,
In comparison to what can be,
For above us the clouds catch fire,
Struck aflame by the setting sun,
They form a parallel world above,
As we see the land curving,
Along the deep blue sea,
With islands a distance,
But floating in reach,
As the mountains and valleys change,
With the fire's fancy in colors,
And the mists rise to the Earth,
From cloud lands touched by fire,
Like moisture from a runner's face,
Embraced by the forest breeze,
With a cooling touch to his brow,
While the ocean above us darkens,
To the depths of the deepest blue,
Ship lights appear as stars,
As the sun disappears from view,
And we are forever touched by beauty,
As the sky sings us to sleep.

1 comment:

  1. His words as as beautiful as God's Free Gift to us! Spectacular Sunsets Always in Arizona ! ! ! !