Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Santa Substitute

This was a true story as a few days ago I would not have
been able to bring the joy of Santa to these kids without an open
heart opening the door to a solution!

As a Santa substitute,
I serve the North Pole,
Traveling to places,
Where Santa cannot be,
As diligence requires him,
To prepare for Christmas night.

On such a service,
I prepared to visit school,
Compensation of the heart,
Being my true reward,
I prepared my uniform,
For my duty of honor.

Surprise confounded me,
As upon the night prior,
I discovered my hairpiece,
Essential for the character,
To be missing from my outfit.
With no help in sight.

No store could help me,
On the morning to follow,
As my school visit preceded,
Their opening to service,
And so to the Heavens,
I cried out for help.

The answer did come,
As I called for information,
A Party City store,
To see when they would open,
And a live voice answered,
With a heart that would listen.

Sandy did hear me,
On my call that morning,
And opened the doors,
To assist Santa’s helper,
Bringing me an answer,
That none other could give,
So the children could be blessed.

And upon this fine day,
I share this tale of faith,
That Christmas love may lead us,
To any such opportunity,
To honor and serve love,
In reaching out to hearts.

Monday, December 8, 2014


As birds in flight,
We spiral upwards,
With wings spread,
We soar to the sky.

The sun is our skylight,
A bright shining portal,
To warmth of love beyond,
The unpredictable sky.

We work to fly together,
Closer to each other,
Our beating hearts a beacon,
Through darkness of night.

Each must be willing,
For this magic to happen,
For the miracle of bonding,
Is becoming more as one.

Moments must be shared,
Through touch and laughter,
Through words and music,
For the bonding to occur.

Yet once love bonds,
It can never be broken,
Neither death nor distance,
Can silence the voice of love.

And as we bond together,
We join closer daily to God,
As a stairway on a journey,
Drawing closer to His heart.

On top of that stairway,
Shining down on to us,
The love of all we’ve known,
Glows daily through our souls.

On special days we draw together,
Yet may each day be made special,
Seeing true as truth portrayed,
We will never be apart.