Monday, December 8, 2014


As birds in flight,
We spiral upwards,
With wings spread,
We soar to the sky.

The sun is our skylight,
A bright shining portal,
To warmth of love beyond,
The unpredictable sky.

We work to fly together,
Closer to each other,
Our beating hearts a beacon,
Through darkness of night.

Each must be willing,
For this magic to happen,
For the miracle of bonding,
Is becoming more as one.

Moments must be shared,
Through touch and laughter,
Through words and music,
For the bonding to occur.

Yet once love bonds,
It can never be broken,
Neither death nor distance,
Can silence the voice of love.

And as we bond together,
We join closer daily to God,
As a stairway on a journey,
Drawing closer to His heart.

On top of that stairway,
Shining down on to us,
The love of all we’ve known,
Glows daily through our souls.

On special days we draw together,
Yet may each day be made special,
Seeing true as truth portrayed,
We will never be apart.

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