Thursday, May 31, 2012

Upon Nothing

I wrote this piece because I began thinking about Job.  In his discussions he described God as putting the skies in their place and hanging the Earth upon nothing.  How could an ancient shepherd that died 3,000 years ago have the slightest concept about astrophysics? The scary thing is he was right.

Of mysteries,
There are many,
Of wonders,
Life is filled,
As we explore,
Looking ahead,
Tools of sight,
Help us to see,
Yet what was seen,
By those before us?
A simple shepherd,
Known as Job,
Spoke of God,
Suspending the sky,
And hanging the Earth,
Upon nothing at all,
This weighs upon me,
How so long ago,
Such a person,
Knew the profound,
Which few consider,
Walking their lives,
Dancing with shadows,
Surrounded by miracles,
Not noticed at all,
For all that is solid,
Is paradox in balance,
As the tiniest particles,
Are mostly just space,
Their energies within,
Hold them together,
While energy they have,
Tries to push them apart,
As their furthest parts,
Circle around centers,
Across a vast emptiness,
Which they cannot pass,
So as an ancient shepherd,
Marveled at the Earth,
Hung upon nothingness,
I stand in astonishment,
Seeing life around me,
Thriving amidst nothing,
For God is everything.

Poetry Reading at Chapparral Rose Nursing Home

I wanted to thank the management of Chaparral Rose for allowing me to come this evening and do a poetry reading for the residents there.  The ladies enjoyed each poem, asked questions concerning the inspiration of the writings, and commented often about their faith.  I would be glad to return again at any time or do the same for others in the future.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When I started writing this I began to contemplate Vincent Van Gogh’s potential thoughts concerning the colors of life in his work.  To be in touch with reality to that extent requires the gift of not allowing daily trials to distract us from how wonderful life truly is.  Some have said that he had a way of using his pain in life to capture the beauty of all that he saw around him.  May we all see more of life and the universe every day as we explore how our gifts can make it all more wonderful.

Life is continuous,
Resisting definition,
Full of visible sounds,
And colors you can hear,
As the birds overhead,
Sail across ground in flight,
The ground flies beneath,
Traveling through space,
Our planet as a free bird,
Soars across the stars,
While upon it we stand,
Creating our rhythms,
Matters of consequence,
Like chaff in the wind,
We drown out the music,
Of the spirits surrounding,
With creatures of the ocean,
Meeting our hearts on the shore,
And everything with sight,
Turns its eyes to the heavens,
Looking up in wonder,
At who may be looking down,
For the flowers of the fields,
Fill the canvas with emotion,
Each one a different note,
Within the songs of our lives,
Though a flower fades away,
The imprint stands with us,
Written upon our hearts,
The flower never dies,
As the song of our lives,
Join other songs around us,
In amazed contemplation,
Embracing all with my heart,
Sharing everything I can,
For to hear in true color,
Your heart must fly.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Ryan Kennedy - Age 9

Winston Churchill gave one of the most powerful speeches in history at a Oxford University graduation ceremony, and it was only three words.  His speech was:

"Never give up!"

       "Never give up!"

                "Never give up!"

I do not understand why things happen and why we go through them even though I write constantly to encourage others.  I hope that my words are some encouragement to you.  Even this situation does not change the fact that life is beautiful, and you remind people of that important truth.


Monday, May 14, 2012

The Unthinkable

Every life that is,
Is a universe of life,
As from the one,
Comes many lives,
And from the children,
Come many more,
And if that life,
Must come to an end,
For that one ending,
Is the saving of millions,
Could you face the one,
Looking eye to eye?
Could you walk away?
Would you stand and cry?
For what is one of many?
It is like a small key,
Opening a large door,
And the door must open,
So that millions walk through,
Tasting the gift of life,
Yet unaware of the cost,
As you look at the one,
Straight into the eyes,
Feeling nothing but love,
And the worth of that soul,
You decide what to do,
Knowing who you are,
And what you believe,
Reaching out your hand,
Lifting that life as yours,
You do everything you can,
Striving for that one life,
Though you do not succeed,
Your act of free will,
Becomes par t of God’s plan,
And your gift was received,
In the heart of the one,
For love works miracles,
Though they may be unseen,
And as the millions were saved,
Your free will joined hearts,
And the one is alive,
In you.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day - Inspired by Ewa

I wrote this poem inspired by all of the time I spend with my wife and best friend Ewa.  Watching her with my daughter is an inspiration in how she teaches her, loves her, and lifts her up.  When I am with her, any work which needs doing seems likes it is no work at all.  Any pain I feel is no longer there.  All I know is love.  Even though I recognize I have only known her for a certain time in life, it seems like there has been no time without her.  She is the most wonderful wife and mother I know.

I have felt the breeze,
Pass through the trees,
So many times before.
I have known the light,
Which follows night,
Just outside my door.
I had never thought,
To know that life,
Could be felt so true.
My eyes had never,
Seen the light,
Until they first saw you.

A woman who,
Could feel a heart,
From a mile away.
The first time,
I held your hand,
Began a brand new day.
The beauty of,
Your tender smile,
Would always drive me wild.
Then you became,
Ever lovelier,
When you bore our child.

Within your arms,
Tender and strong,
We share strength and life.
To my little girl,
A loving Mom,
To me best friend and wife.
You fill us both,
With dreams and joy,
For love in you abounds,
I could never think,
Life could be so full,
The scope of which confounds.

May others who,
See us in the day,
Share in joy we live.
For this is what,
Life should hold,
As to life we must give.
For how to see,
Through my heart,
You showed me the way,
I thank God,
For all that you are,
Upon this Mother’s Day.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Olivia - Written for Olivia Newton-John

Dedicated to Olivia Newton-John.
 I wrote this some time ago for her.  She inspires me and so many others with her music, and I would be overjoyed to know that my gift could inspire her in return.  She has endured much, yet her song remains in the air and in our hearts.  She is a constant, a friend for us, and a kindred spirit.
She came from down under,
With a voice like no other,
Singing love of life from her heart,
All those with ears,
Would hear beauty through the years,
That has blossomed more fully from the start.

From the country she came,
A southern style she sang,
Joining voice and heart with John,
With Denver she learned how to fly away,
Not knowing away he would fly,
In his leaving she joined those who cried,
Yet carried on his love in her song.

With Andy so young and so bright,
She sang her song in new light,
With the Brothers Gibb,
As close as family,
Singing with Maurice and Barry,
She would not let love be thrown away,
When away flew the life of Andy.

When the storm came for her,
She clung to the tree,
As cancer came like wind blown hail,
She would not give up her heart,
She would not silence her love,
And in singing her life did prevail.

Threw all of this and more,
She has sailed her ship to shore,
Wind filled with love’s power through song,
As we are each broken by pain,
We hear her voice again,
And know that no trials may last too long.

So for never giving up,
And never giving in,
And never losing sight,
For against love all hardship is trivia,
So that others may read,
Of how strength comes through love,
This poem is written for Olivia.