Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Silent Song

A light painting called "The Silent Song"
This began in conversation with others during a concert of Gordon Lightfoot where I was asked if I here music in my writing.  I could not help but say yes as the endless music of life surrounds us all.  This is my last piece for my fourth manuscript, and perhaps the theme through it all.

The sky is not big enough,
For all birds to fly,
The land is not wide enough,
For all things to run,
We are here for a time,
We are born,
We live,
We die,
All in preparation,
For true life to come.

A testing ground walked,
With hardship in hand,
Trials and terrors,
Joys and triumphs,
Moments come in the day,
And burn out like a flame,
A farmer plowed years ago,
Where a city now stands,
Footprints beneath foundations,
Where tall buildings sway.

Staying in sight,
The Silent Song,
Plays through the night.

Our actions sound,
Like faded whispers,
Yet all do shape,
The heavens and Earth,
As a wind blown seed,
Sets roots beyond the mountains,
Filling a barren meadow,
With flowers to feed the air,
For the deeds of one,
To another give birth.

The sound of all colors,
Are an amazement to the eye,
As I travel among souls,
To which the green mountains,
Sing strength through the ages,
To which the blue oceans,
Serenade our souls free,
As the stars of black space,
Seek words we cannot utter,
They are the muse of the sages.

Staying in sight,
The Silent Song,
Plays through the night.

With my words I record,
My travel of all souls,
Though I meet but a few,
I connect through my pages,
For one through another,
We have touched all,
For love is a bird,
We set free into flight,
Bringing joy to the unseen,
Throughout the ages.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Will of Life

Newton saw lines,
Definition in the universe,
Wheels which always rotate,
By laws which always turn,
A canvass of three dimensions,
Where causes create their effects,
Predictable by life's laws,
If we can observe their detail,
Quite a sensible conclusion,
Which fancied the mind of Einstein,
Who saw a deterministic world,
Where deviance from the norm,
Would be God rolling the dice,
Yet what about the weather?
Simply moisture and heating,
Yet the outcome of the weather,
Seems as random as the stars.
So are the stars random,
Or hanging in perfect balance,
Within an endless matrix,
We only try to comprehend?
For here we are as living,
With decisions in the balance,
Our courses contemplated,
When we can not define life.
Yet our will determines life,
As we set our plans in motion,
Changing things in our reality,
Affecting one another's hearts,
As the moisture in the sky,
With the heating of the sun,
Brings together rain clouds,
Which gives the seeds their start.
So the forces all around us,
Mirror our own spirits,
While changes they do make,
As we change our own lives,
Yet the free will of reality,
Is nature's definition,
For the powers of creation,
Are in the Will of Life.

Friday, March 15, 2013


We are human,
Do not forget,
You will be reminded,
By your mistakes,
Mistakes being painful,
Reminding me daily,
I am not who I will be,
Reminding me often,
As I look at reflections,
Thinking about currents,
Within dark waters,
Carrying my form,
Away from the shore,
Away from goals,
Longed by the heart,
Achievement unrealized,
Family unfulfilled,
As life flows away.

How far can I see,
Down the river flow?
Can I see the waters,
Just beyond the trees?
I am here for a reason,
We are here in this season,
Only knowing now,
Not even knowing how,
We really came to be,
Nor of future blessings,
Which we cannot see,
While blinded by fatigue,
Underneath the darkness,
Which does not cancel light,
The birds are still in flight,
While around the bend,
Waters clearing,
Within our sight,
The shore is nearing,
As the only truth of failure,
Would be giving up.