Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dear Holland,

They rose into the air,
And were taken from the sky.
We rose from where we were,
Taken by the shock.
Yet when I see your eyes,
I see their hearts living on.
I hear the joy of their laughter,
When I look into your eyes.
I know the depth of their love,
When I look into your souls.
Their hearts beat with yours,
Through every word you say.
Their souls shine with glory,
With everything you do.
What words can not describe,
Your eyes have spoken to me.
What your ears can not hear,
My heart speaks to you.
I am one of many millions,
As the world holds you in their arms.
I am one voice in the silence,
Of millions lifting you in prayer.
Where there is love,
No souls can ever be apart.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


She is mystery,
Contemplating her feelings,
As her emotions change direction,
Like the breeze before a storm.

She is joy,
As the music of her heart,
Only longs to hear you sing,
As she shares the song of life.

She is sorrow,
As pain that she will know,
Can only come with doubt,
In all she truly is.

She is beauty,
While remodeling a room,
With paint upon her hair,
Her smile entraps your heart.

She is ageless,
With a child’s hand in hand,
In play from soul to soul,
Time’s illusion slips away.

She is wisdom,
Seeing truth in true light,
When she makes a living choice,
To see truly through her heart.

She is woman,
Seeking to share all things,
Causing the heart to sing,
She is the love of life.