Thursday, March 30, 2017


The music I hear is timeless, 
 As is your love, 
 Sitting in a café this morning, 
 It is 1943 to my ears, 
 Yet my heart knows no years, 
 Though my eyes say you are far, 
 And the date is really today, 
 You are close with me forever, 

 The sun rose as before, 
 As it always seems to do, 
 To the birds a day like others, 
 To me it is fresh and new, 
 Because I always have you, 
 There is never an end to joy,
 Hardship is only an illusion, 
 For love is all that is real, 

 The leaders will always follow, 
 The paths set for them before, 
 The papers play there lonely games, 
 Yet he who follows his heart, 
 Will never have strength depart, 
 The chaos may rule the day, 
 Peace will rule over his soul, 
 Flowing from the heart of God, 

 I dance with you through time, 
 The illusion bringing order to space, 
 That we may comprehends our lives, 
 Though time has no beginning or end, 
 And love through all transcends, 
 As this song of life binds souls,
 With meaning no words can describe, 
 Though I dance it with you night and day, 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Trying Not to Write

 I succeeded,
 I did not write a thing! 
 And I always write something, 
 On the walk, 
 Or in the café, 
 For in life, 
 There is too much to share, 
 Should I stop, 
 Or do I even dare? 
 It keeps on unfolding, 
 This thing we call life, 
 Through times of joy, 
 Even in trial or strife,
 For to stop is a sin, 
 And a new day begins, 
 There is more to do and say, 
 Even in the same places, 
 Even with the same faces, 
 For whom in time and space, 
 Has ever defined life? 
 I keep trying, 
 And I keep writing, 
 Even in this effort not to write, 
 And people keep living, 
 And keep giving, 
 And loving, 
 In the day and in the night, 
 And so this is my effort, 
 Trying not to write. 

Thursday, March 23, 2017


 Time given, 
 An action done, 
 Words spoken, 
 A battle won,
 With love required, 
 There is a cost, 
 To make a change, 
 From battles lost, 
 Results not seen, 
 Still may come, 
 For things go forth, 
 From where they come, 
 And acts of love, 
 Have the best start, 
 For where they come, 
 Is from the heart, 
 And other lives, 
They often change,
 For energy, 
 Will rearrange, 
 And change of course, 
 Others will voice, 
  Changing perspective, 
 Is freedom of choice, 
 Though from a cost, 
 Comes all things nice, 
 They would not be,
 Without sacrifice. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 We live what we know, 
 We know what we live. 
 We show what we are, 
 We are what we give. 
 Our words are a power, 
 The power to make free. 
 Unleashing what it is, 
 And all it can be. 
 For faith is a river, 
 To see what may seem.
 Making dreams into reality, 
 For all once was dreamed. 
 The land of make-believe, 
 Is of concrete and steel. 
 All reality is of heart, 
 For the heart is what's real. 
 If the soul does have wings, 
 Then this is what they are. 
 Keeping us in flight, 
 And carrying us far. 
 We lineup in procession, 
 To where we don't know. 
 We begin every morning, 
 And all day we just go. 
 In losing the meaning, 
 Of why we have begun, 
 We have lost our true joy, 
 We have forgotten about fun. 
 Not just a joke, 
 To make the day light, 
 But the attitude of joy, 
 From which fear takes flight. 
 This takes a faith,
 In something unending,
 For when all stands against us, 
 We need someone unbending,
 For we all make mistakes, 
 Because weakness is odd, 
 There is one who is perfect, 
 And that someone is God. 
 He will not stand before us, 
 To prove he is true. 
 When we live faith we prove him, 
 In what we say and do. 
 His  presents shows clearly, 
 With no reason to doubt, 
 He has signature results, 
 In how things work out. 
 In restoring the meeting, 
 And the joy back to life, 
 One must step from the darkness, 
 From confusion to light. 
 And then the blind can see, 
 For sight is from the heart, 
 We have never been alone, 
 God was there from the start. 

Friday, March 17, 2017


The heart is a river, 
 Through which creation flows, 
 Words and actions done, 
 Blow through the air like leaves, 
 Person to person, 
 From each blows many, 
 Affecting lives around them, 
 Through joy or through pain. 

 For just a single word, 
 Can inspire a life of confidence, 
  A choice from freedom of will, 
 To lead a life of peace, 
 Not in worry about others, 
 Knowing God has all in hand, 
 Others feeling this strength in turn, 
 Reciprocating joy and peace. 

 For free will is the key, 
 Unlocking beauty of the heart, 
 As the artist must be willing, 
 To pick up his or her brush, 
 To choose a palette of joy, 
 Field with the colors of life, 
 From the heart then flows a picture, 
 Either of pain or of joy. 

 For just a smile given to one, 
 Is often seen by many, 
 And turn one of those souls, 
 From a darkened day, 
 Who would have planted seeds, 
 Of anger from her pain, 
 Turning many hearts to darkness,
 And one smile brings light again. 

 Every moment is a universe, 
 And every decision a timeline, 
 Affecting time and space, 
 From free will in just one place, 
 An action or a word of love, 
 Spreading light like a fire, 
 For transference is a power, 
 Bringing meaning back to life. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Only Connecting

 Cars stream by on the morning rush
 Some different and some the same, 
 Yet the seagulls fly over as always. 

 Buildings will rise and then they fall, 
 Businesses come and they go, 
 Yet I hear the birds like all days.

 Upon my hill the day remains, 
  Within the peace of nature's embrace, 
 For some things will never change. 

 With new tools in our hands, 
 We  miss this joy  from the world, 
 In our efforts to rearrange. 

 The eyes that pass by me,
 They have lost their true fire, 
 Which the spark of a smile can ignite. 

 Looking down from the world, 
 Through their data in hand, 
They are lost in digital light.

 All lives must come, 
 And all lives will go, 
 Yet one thing remains the same. 

 Our humanity is gained, 
 Through the energy we spend, 
 In sharing our joy and our pain. 

 Through what the day brings, 
 And no matter what comes, 
 To one thing we must hold dear. 

 Only lives do matter, 
 Only souls last forever, 
 Only connecting does bring cheer. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017


 In space there is no distance, 
 Since in physics there is no size, 
 All held in perspective, 
 Through the illusions we hold dear. 
 For the planets are a step away, 
 Depending on your size, 
 While depending on your perspective, 
 A moment can last forever. 

 We are mostly empty space, 
 As is the space between us, 
 If all of this forms one whole, 
 Can we truly be apart?
 In the eyes of the bird behind me, 
 I am truly at a distance, 
 But if seen through the heart, 
 Would I then be close at hand? 

 I cannot now see you, 
 With the eyes within my face, 
 As the physical perception, 
 Would place you nowhere near. 
 And yet the vision of the heart, 
 Shows reality's true being, 
 For when I close my eyes, 
 You are always here. 

 The air of space between us, 
 Is but a different form of energy, 
  Displaced through force of love, 
 I draw you close and near. 
 For love knows no bounds, 
 And is overcome by nothing, 
 So the power of separation, 
 Falls faint onto the ground. 

 This is the power of attraction, 
 The force of love's true will, 
 Never failing or faltering, 
 Between souls far and near. 
 For God lives between and through us, 
 Drawing all good things to us, 
 From our feet up through the star dust,
 Why I always feel you near. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Song Unending

  The cards are dealt,
He sees his hand, 
It is not what he hoped for, 
 Nor what he planned. 
 You don't know what you get, 
 But you do what you should, 
 And you hope for the best, 
 That things turn out good. 

 Being healthy and strong, 
 It was an underhand below, 
 A diagnosis from hell, 
 Bringing him down low. 
  Then with a nonverbal child, 
 And more stress on the plate, 
 His wife fled the fire, 
 Being too much to take. 

Yet there is faith in his heart,
With your song in the air,
Lifting his soul on the wind,
Endings never begin,
Heaven breathing within,
Music takes him there.

God's voice is a sound,
Beyond my human ear,
Yet with beauty in the air,
I know he is near.
For each song that's sung,
Is just a segment that's spliced,
When it all comes together,
It is the song of life.

 When things happen good, 
 Or terribly wrong, 
 It takes no ear, 
 To pick up this song. 
 The music reminds, 
 Of the song that is true,
 To hear in the spirit, 
 Our flesh cannot do. 

Yet there is faith in my heart,
With your song in the air,
Lifting my soul on the wind,
Endings never begin,
Heaven breathing within,
Music takes me there. 

 And so we go to the concerts, 
 And so we dance in the park, 
 And so we turn on the radios, 
 And so we exercise the heart. 
 And so I hear it in the sunrise, 
 And so I feel it in the rain, 
 And so I bring it in this silence, 
 So you may hear it once again. 

There is faith in the heart,
With The Song in the air,
Lifting souls on the wind,
Endings never begin,
Heaven breathing within,

Music takes us there.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Not For Sale

 Inspired buy the song "This House is Not For Sale"  and the powerful message John Bon Jovi gave through it. 

 Not for sale, 
Our lives and hearts, 
 Through fire or flame, 
 Through joy or pain, 
 With souls awake, 
 A brand-new start. 

 Without our fear, 
 New race begun, 
 Though far or near, 
 All come who hear, 
 In silent words, 
 This song is sung.

 Through music path, 
 And sounds of light, 
 The artist's brush, 
 With heartfelt rush, 
 Souls join  in song, 
Artist's delight.

 For some will watch, 
 As others do, 
 With image change, 
 Hands rearrange, 
 With life in motion, 
 World is renewed. 

 Through pain in trial, 
 Strength fades away, 
 Hope lost from doubt, 
 Never truly without, 
 For with our eyes closed,
There is still light of day.

 Nothing overcomes, 
In any scale,
 The sheer force of love, 
 Through hearts from above, 
 Death stands in fear, 
Battle to no avail,

Our souls not for sale.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Upon This Street

 Upon the street, 
 Cars are racing in haste, 
 Schedules being kept, 
 Against the racing clock, 
 And endless circle of change, 
 Folding back upon itself, 
 Bringing repetition's reward, 
 Beneath this unchanging sky, 
 With birds reminding me of truth, 
 As I walk upon the street. 

 Upon the street, 
 Sign posts of the present, 
 Coffee cups and fender chunks, 
 Within the sparkle of broken glass, 
 Bumper stickers of thoughts past, 
 Amidst hearts asleep racing, 
 Wearing a rubber stamped expression, 
 Though some are truly awake, 
 Burning like stars with in the night, 
 Upon the street. 

 Upon the street, 
 With helicopter overhead, 
 I walk  above the sidewalk, 
 Being careful not to touch, 
 With Disturbia undisturbed, 
 Alone with in my footsteps, 
 I have never walked alone, 
 For souls know no separation, 
And God is ever present,
 And God is ever present, 
 Upon the street. 

 Upon this street,
 Rainwater casts reflections, 
 Held by the blackened pavement, 
 Showing trees and sky above, 
 As does the face that smiles, 
 Reflecting joys of heaven, 
 Contagious seeds of faith, 
 Taking root in other souls, 
 Growing trees of life and meaning, 
 Upon this street.