Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Image

This image was painted by a friend who is an artist.
Please look into it and tell me what you see,
then read what came to me below!

Feel the breeze,
And the scent of spice,
Fragrance flows of flowers,
Sun’s shadows mark the hours,
While the hummingbirds hover,
Addicted to nectars,
As their hearts beat rapid,
The rhythm of life,
Above the endless green,
The grasses give way,
Providing color and hay,
As creatures of warmth,
Walk in quest of breath,
Above the rippled cool,
Beneath wings of wonder,
Amidst light kiss of daises,
And I see all this promised,
In dark clouds.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fierce Grace

I saw a hawk catching a fish in the river behind
where I work this afternoon.   I could not "take" a picture
of what happened, but I will give one.

From heights soaring down,
Falling at great speed,
Wings spread in purpose,
Heart set on purpose,
With silvery goal in sight,
Talons upon the waters,
In a burst of diamond drops,
Prey lifts into the air,
As she calls out victory,
To the nest nursery,
As her children await,
Safe in her heart.
For the heart drives us,
Soaring to great heights,
Facing all dangers,
Without fear or doubt,
Standing in the way,
For the overpowering,
Is the passion in heart,
Allowing us the power,
To do mighty things,
With delicate hands,
For the ones we love,
Fanning flames of fire.
Far into the past,
And standing in the future,
A perfect loving father,
Indomitable in strength,
Powerful living love,
Reached from the Heavens,
Walking in our pain,
Opened great doorway,
Through blood of His heart,
Abating every curse,
Giving power all living,
That we know love forever.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Find Me

The basic cry of every human spirit is to find ourselves,
and be found.

On a journey,
Far from home,
In whispered words,
I do roam,
Definition’s reason,
Purpose finds season,
In partial pictures,
Glinting light,
In day or night,
Surrounding surreal,
Like broken glass,
Future and past,
Presents of present,
Wrapped in presence,
Each one experience,
Not recompense,
Of things I have done,
Not on the run,
Some images mine true,
Some gifts from you,
None are perfect,
Soundless films,
On shards of glass,
Each a puzzle piece,
All hope of peace,
You share this path,
All of you with me,
Some souls connect,
Impressions for life,
My soul is two,
As man and wife,
All spirits touch close,
Closer than warm touch,
Through the light of eyes,
Shining light on meaning,
Which we all seek,
Crying out to thee,
Find me.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Painting

There is always more to see than what is displayed.

I strolled from the traffic,
Walked away from the noise,
Which held nothing but silence,
For the state of my heart.

Into the gallery,
With walls without windows,
Each painting as a pane,
Between my eyes and new world.

My eyes traveled far,
Conveying my heart,
Well into the past,
And onto new lands.

Then I came to an image,
Of a lake on darkened day,
With a man of deep sadness,
Between the clouds and reflection.

The bushes and the trees,
Spoke of sunshine and spring,
Of full flowers and seed,
Promising life upon life.

The waters held a rhythm,
Of hundreds of hearts,
With the fish and their frenzy,
Beneath a mirror of glass.

The man’s eyes held a story,
Of children and laughter,
And a woman of heart,
Not here on that day.

The painting spoke of all,
In unspoken words,
Of truth and experience,
Which the paint would not say.