Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Prayer of Squares - For Alice

She lives near the station,
The old stage coach station,
Connecting Lakeside,
With the rest of the world.

In her age she holds beauty,
Such timeless beauty,
For in her weakness,
Strength is unfurled.

In her life is magic,
Such untold magic,
Which can only be known,
As a story of faith.

For with her hands,
Her time honored hands,
She embroiders her squares,
In our hands to place.

For with each square,
Each hand knitted square,
She blesses a stranger,
With loves healing power.

For every stranger,
Each wandering stranger,
Must know he is remembered,
Within the darkest hour.

And so she travels,
Oh how she travels,
Blessing other lives,
Near the old stage station.

And so I do pray,
Oh how I pray!
That her light of love,
Can inspire our nation!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nothing Left - Nepal Earthqake of 4/25/2015

In the first days it was a time where you would realize that family members
were buried in debris, along with most of the equipment which could help you free them.

Now comes the time when more deaths will occur due to lack of food and clean water contributing
to the effects of exposure and disease that will spread due to all of the dead in this terrible tragedy.

I wrote this to encourage each of you to reach out through the 
Red Cross, through your churches, and through prayer to help the 
people of Nepal and surrounding areas in this most devastating of tragedies.

Reality in ruin,
All that we are,
All that we were,
Now just a dream,
For we have awaken,
To the cold light of day,
With nothing to say,
For all is now gone.

With bare hands I dig,
With family cries fading,
Inside the tomb of rubble.

Family and friends,
Now brought to end,
Wandering the streets,
Nothing left to eat,
No roads left in,
There is no way out,
Now left alone,
With no place called home.

With my hands I dig,
With family cries fading,
Inside the tomb of destruction.

We are what we were,
You are what you do,
We all need each other,
And now we need you,
From the dawn of time,
All hands each in kind,
For we will rise above,
Through your acts of love.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Make The Change - Earthday 2015

Rhythm is the blood of souls,
Music is the flow from the heart.
The beat comes from long ago,
Long before time got its start.
The changes which come our way,
Can only see the light of day.
When singing souls join as one,
There’s nothing which cannot be done.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

The death of hope is in the news,
Where details paint in darker hues.
And right back home upon the street,
Confirming scenes where eyes don’t meet.
Where apathy is king today,
Its chaos children will run and play.
For change to come you make the start,
Believe it first inside your heart.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

True miracles are not by God’s hand,
They come by his power through human hands.
And the miracle comes through this song,
Knowing in our weakness we are made strong.
It is love that overcomes any odds,
Changing the face of Earth where we may trod.
So make this day glow with your power bright,
By believing first things are made right.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Al Maha Dream

The White Oryx, known as "Al Maha",
the Arabian Unicorn

Heartbeat and myth,
Upon the sands of time,
In a distant land,
From beyond the past,
With eyes of fire,
And a thirst for life,
Dark horns of legend,
And a coat of life,
Legends are lost,
And legends are made,
In love.

Wandering guardians,
Of Bedouin dreams,
The nomad’s companion,
In endless expanse,
The oasis is lost,
An oasis of life,
To living waters,
In life’s pursuit,
They know the path,
They taste the passion,
To live.

For basest of needs,
The takers did come,
To kill and to eat,
Both hide and meat,
Taking more than they need,
Taking more than their fill,
Took the image away,
Which had power to stay,
And the legend of sands,
Became a ghost of the land,
In time.

In sanctuaries of life,
The thoughtful considered,
And kindness prevailed,
In labors of love,
As the guardians were found,
A last precious few,
And kindness they knew,
In building their numbers,
To return to the wild,
Living legend protected,
In hand.

Monday, April 20, 2015

The Western Wind

The sun rises on wild spirits,
Where the mountains touch the sky,
Eagle soars upon morning breeze,
A quiet land sets heart at ease,
As life begins to awaken.

A man sets his face to the wind,
Ready to make the day work,
As the west wind is heard,
Speaking truth without words,
Setting meaning firm in heart.

For life is not an easy thing,
Yet God gives us each a strength,
For all the work of our hands,
As part of His plans,
Makes us more each day.

Underneath the western skies,
Good men and women stand tall,
Where the Spirit of America sings,
With freedom’s bell still ringing,
Find purpose under the stars.

We gather together as neighbors,
For no one out here is a stranger,
Red blood runs in us all,
Together we are standing tall,
Making futures strong forever.

I will never lack anything,
For all things that matter are near,
God gave me a wonderful wife,
With our daughter a beautiful life,
My spirit sings in the western wind.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Absolute Reflection

A day is never marked,
By a sunrise or sunset,
As these are just illusions,
Setting reality in mind.

For the truth about connections,
Is that hearts are never broken,
Souls are bound together,
Beyond the framework of time.

A memory of bird song,
May not be in the past,
As the heart can hear the singing,
In all the days to come.

Memories may be connections,
In the timeless scope of truth,
Where we are always bound,
In the mystery of song.

Two hearts drawn in love,
Are always bound together,
There is no longer a beginning,
And the magic never ends.

This can be the hearts of soul mates,
A student of life and God,
This can be the heart of family,
Or a strong bond between friends.

With all of life in balance,
In the scope of truth eternal,
No problem overshadows,
The true glory that exists.

For every soul is always,
And life goes on forever,
The simplicity of knowing that,
Is the strength of all that is.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Stripped Away

When things strip away,
Vision becomes clear,
Time becomes precious,
As we see life in truth,
With all who are near.

I do wonder why,
When people do suffer,
Why it must be,
Where it will go,
And when will be me.

For pain does exist,
All things have a purpose,
And pain joins our souls,
As we each reach out,
In the bond of love.

Circumstance fades,
And differences cease,
And all of our souls,
No matter where,
Become all that is real.

As we see life in truth,
With our borrowed breath,
Within physical illusion,
Of an energy image,
Perspective we test.

We are the gift,
We give to each other,
Each passing moment,
Another chance,
Another treasure.

Take joy in all pain,
Take joy in all pleasure,
Make joy being together,
For this is the magic,
That flows in life’s song.

Hand in Hand - For the President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria

For the President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria
April 10, 2015

Within their life,
They did share everything,
Beginning to end,
Two soul mates,
Until the last,
Two souls in flight,
They met their end,
Hand in hand.

They did not falter,
And showed their nation,
The spirit of life,
Fulfilled in love,
The spirit of strength,
Before the world,
From a small nation,
Hand in hand.

Just boy and girl,
Nothing more simple,
Showing the world,
The profound,
And now I see them,
With closed eyes,
Beyond the skies,
On Heaven’s streets,
Both hand in hand.

By The Light of Your Candles
Written for the people of Poland in the loss of their beloved president Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and their cabinet officials in the crash of April 10, 2010
By Eric Visconti

I can see you standing there,
Together in your streets,
I can feel you standing there,
Embraced within your grief,
Shaken and in shock,
Stricken with silence,
In a time void of words,
An endless moment of darkness,
For the ones who have given guidance,
Are never coming home,
Taken to the air in travel,
To be taken to a place of remembrance,
Taken from the people in a moment,
Without a sign of warning,
Leaving all in morning,
Flowers and candles form a mosaic,
A growing tapestry of sorrow,
Laid upon the street,
I can see you standing there,
Lining the streets near every door,
I can see you standing there,
As you have in years before,
For when I was in sorrow,
When the towers were struck down,
You came in to your streets,
From every town,
With candles in hand,
Hearts burning in place,
I could see the light of your fire,
I could see it from space,
I could feel the warmth of your hearts,
Within the sorrow that was mine,
I can feel the warmth of your hearts,
From across the distance of time,
I am standing by your side,
We are standing together in spirit,
As your leader was returned,
I was with you,
As your leaders knelt by his coffin,
I was with you,
As his daughter knelt by her daddy,
I was with you,
In the days that lie ahead,
I am with you,
Our hearts here and yours there,
Beat as one,
For our grief binds us together,
As does our joy,
For as this darkness came,
Testing all we could handle,
I could see the way,
The light of truth,
The power of the heart,
By the light of your candles.

Just Listen

The voices,
Of the hearts,
Of the rhythm,
From the start,
Feeds the waves,
Of the raves,
Of life that craves.

From the voices,
Making choices,
Amidst the noises,
Making silence,
Filling meaning,
With ears ringing,
Blocking us,
From those beside us.

Stop and listen,
Magic will glisten,
Showing stars,
Within your days,
Allowing life,
To surpass strife,
Bringing meaning,
From wisdom gleaning,
And heart singing,
To all your days.

So to others,
And to yourself,
Give your heart’s ear,
And nothing else,
Through the laughter,
And the cries,
You will make out,
The Voice on High,
So let it dawn,
It is not gone,
It is life’s song.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soul in Bloom

Can a rose grow backwards?
Will the sun set in the east?
Can the waves flow from shore?
Is there beauty in the beast?

Nothing set in motion,
Can proceed without a passion,
Or progress without emotion,
For life is a simple love.

The simple is most profound,
As there is no such thing as size,
Which most will not surmise,
When looking at their woes.

There is no limit to love,
No limitation to living,
Even strolling the same garden,
Is never the exact same path.

And so our spirits grow,
As growth never comes easy,
Through trials and through pain,
Wisdom finds beauty in truth.

For each day the sun rises,
The world is never the same,
Filled with joy and with pain,
Painted again by the same hands.

And so we find the truth,
That thought changes reality,
Reality changes each life,
Through love within God’s plan.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Never Enough

In sharing life,
I live mine well,
So much to see,
What is will be.
What is to come,
No one can tell,
I live today,
So much to say.
I never thought,
Life was so grand,
Mysteries near,
Becoming clear.
With my soul mate,
I do now stand,
My heart does live,
From all she gives.
Perhaps I've lived,
Far to much,
The more I write,
I gain more sight.
For this I'm glad,
Will say as such,
For life is living,
And always giving.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Silent Strings

I have passed this old violin for days in a nearby shop, reluctant to pick up such a delicate thing in my hands which have broken pick axes.  The violin is gone now, to be part of a time capsule I am told, but the music still plays on in my mind.

In silence within its case,
In silence so sublime,
No longer to see its face,
To be part of a capsule of time,
The strings once placed are silent,
The strings music did impart,
The music plays on in memory,
The music plays within my heart.

Memories contained within wood,
Memories of a skillful hand,
Once played by a country fire,
Perhaps played as part of a band,
In orchestra finding purpose,
In orchestration we have our parts,
As music gives to our souls,
And music our souls impart.

Let seeds be planted in the soul,
For seeds aspire to the sky,
As strings join to form a whole,
As strings sing the answer why,
Coming from the Great Composer,
Coming from Heaven above,
For all music sings from the heart,
All music sings of love.