Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One at a Time

My two basic rules in life:

1). Find out what you can do.

2). Do it

I met a man in Poway on Sunday who brings hand crafted art in from Mexico and sells it to support a school for girls down there.  Not only is he helping children to have an education, he is helping families of craftsmen put food on their tables through the work of their hands.  Before I made it back home, I wrote the following poem piece by piece at stoplights.  If you want to see this man's website, you can visit HERE.

Love is the bond,
Joining thought and creation,
Bringing magic to hearts,
In the circle of life,
As learning breeds living,
In the sharing of ways,
Showing young hearts meaning,
For life meaning is found,
Through how we share,
Our gifts of souls,
Investing in eternity,
One at a time.