Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Blood of Tears - For the People of France

May the people of France know we stand beside them in love,
In prayer,
In perseverance.

The sun chases west of us,
Following the clouds,
Leaving star dust behind,
Tracing constellations,
As we speed the sun to you,
With the force of our hearts,
To warm your souls,
With the coming of dawn.

Our souls ride the sunshine,
While our bodies do sleep,
So that our spirits are with you,
At the break of dawn,
To stand right beside you,
As you walk broken glass,
On your shattered streets,
Our hearts beating with you.

For throughout your night,
I could feel silent tears,
I could hear whispered cries,
As I walked through my day,
With my hand outstretched,
Too far from your fingers,
With my soul outstretched,
To dry the tears of your heart.

For they just walked amongst you,
They were brothers and sisters,
They were mothers and fathers,
To hear Sunday’s bird songs,
Anticipating your smiles,
And yet the sun rises,
Not seeing their shadows,
As we face a different world.

Let our tears trace their lineage,
And our hearts sing their honor,
While our hands protect life,
Defying those who take it,
While the loved ones silenced,
Live forever in our hearts,
Holding fast to God’s promise,
Through the blood of tears.