Friday, May 6, 2016

The Shepherd

 For the children of Pedda Suraram

The Shepherd laughs,
As his little ones laugh,
Following his heart,
Showing them love,
Upon fields of joy.

The little ones see,
As the Shepherd sees,
Musicians playing sweet songs,
Causing heads to turn,
Casting eyes upon them.

The Shepherd sees,
As the flock walks away,
Dancing to new songs,
Leaving fields of joy,
As they go behind the rocks.

And then the music stops,
The musicians have gone,
While the little ones luck,
Not knowing where they are,
Breaking the Shepherd's heart.

Then they hear the growls,
The hunger in the rocks,
The shadows showing eyes,
Fixed upon their prey,
The little ones cry in fear.

The Shepherd springs before them,
Standing in the gap,
Defending the little ones lives,
He gives his life for them,
That they may all be free.

Running back to safety,
Back to the fields of joy,
They find their Shepherd standing,
In triumph living again,
With outstretched arms of love.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Night to Remember

Recently many people came together to bless special needs students in a wonderful way.
This is for them.

For a special night,
They came together.
People of all ages,
Preparing in advance,
Armed with joy and faith,
Knowing God would provide,
All in its place.

The families did come,
Each with their child,
Each one with a burden,
As life finds its meaning,
In carrying weight,
Each weight bringing weakness,
Yet difficulty brings truth,
For where we are weak,
He is made strong.

Other youth came forth,
With the light of their hearts,
Filled with the God’s fire,
Drawing souls like a magnet,
Reaching to those in need,
For when we minister to the least,
We are ministering to God,
While in his warm embrace.

Hardly noticed by the masses,
In the shadows of misfortunes,
Lifted up for this night,
They glittered in their gowns,
And in fine pressed suits,
They shone as like stars,
To be presented in glory,
Receiving the gift of joy.

The students receiving them,
Spoke their language of smile,
As the wordlessness of love,
Is understood by all creatures,
They became dressed like royals,
Becoming angels to the weak,
Lifting up silenced voices,
To sing joy before God’s throne.