Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Patient Heart

 In  the ocean of spirits, 
 We found a heart. 
 In the sea of life, 
  We found a soul. 
 Following the wind, 
 We followed the calling. 
 For only when exploring, 
 Can you find home. 

 In speaking of science, 
 In speaking of living, 
 In speaking of loving, 
 We spoke the truth. 
 In the bonds of laughter, 
 In the bonds of friendship, 
  In the bonds of faith, 
 Finding freedom of youth. 

 Time took a backseat, 
 Because Earth is the stage, 
 Where we might add, 
 Good things to Heaven.
 For each soul is endless, 
 But the heart sees forever, 
 Then the moment stood still, 
 For time is illusion. 

 We watched as she listened, 
 We listened as she spoke,
 Each chance to gain more, 
 Being nothing but joy, 
 What is to long for, 
 What is to live for, 
What is to love for,
 We are faith is employed.

 Kindred spirits,
 Who found soulmates, 
 From each other, 
 Will not depart, 
 It all begins, 
 From choosing joy, 
 This is the wisdom, 
 Of the patient heart. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017


 How high is up, 
 And how far is away? 

What is not seen  first in the heart, 
 Is seldom found with the mind, 
 Scope has no limit,
 Except within the mind, 
 For the eyes can see barriers, 
 While the heart can see forever, 
 Yet even the universe, 
 Has no visible boundaries. 

 Where are the boundaries, 
 When things are unseen? 

Beneath the surface reflections,
Lie the depths of unseen truth.
 Here the eyes lose  authority, 
 And the way must be felt, 
 For touch can go far, 
 But only with the physical, 
 While the treasure of reality, 
 Lies beyond our fingertips.

 Is travel possible, 
 Without the need to move? 

 Motion is just an attempt, 
 To deal with the illusion of distance, 
  While we move in our futility,
 Hawking explores the universe, 
 As the knowledge of his condition, 
 Inspired exploration with his mind, 
 For the love within his heart, 
 Gave him the strength to persevere. 

 What is the mystery of love, 
 Which time has not unraveled? 

 Love manifests in reality, 
 Through the action of creation, 
 Love breaches the gates of Hell,
 Through the sacrifice of desires, 
 Love voids the power of death, 
 Through the joining of souls, 
 For a day not exploring love, 
 Truly is a day wasted. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reflection of a Soul

 Reflections occur upon the waters, 
 Showing the endless sky, 
 How the Earth looks up in wonder, 
 Our faces down in contemplation, 
 As the waters playfully bend light, 
 Showing how the birds must behold us. 

 And yet there is no mirror, 
 Which can reflect the soul, 
 Not touched by imperfect light, 
 The eyes cannot behold it, 
 From a place beyond the stars, 
 Our souls peer into this world. 

The image of a soul is seen,
In whom she chooses to meet,
In places he chooses to go,
Be it upon a quiet mountain,
Or near a great volcano,
Which only the peaceful soul can behold.

Every person that is met,
Reflects the soul of the meeter,
The blind who see through us,
The arrogant who are truly blind,
The sensitive who feel without touch,
And wisdom seekers with hearts like children.

The tapestry becomes truly endless,
With all we may choose to see,
For size is meaningless to souls,
Which exist without set boundaries,
Just as your soul who has seen so much,
Feels like light has just touched its eyes.

Your song is now part of many songs,
All in the song of life that God sings,
Your soul reflection in an old man's smile,
Your soul reflection in a newborn's laugh,
And when you see your eyes reflected once more,
All of their love will impact on your heart.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Standing With You

 In battles lost and battles won,
 I reflect beneath the stars, 
 Which show my size in truth, 
 My place amidst the galaxies, 
 While shining through the darkness, 
  They show the beauty of life. 

 This is a new chapter, 
 With more experience in your soul, 
 More hearts beneath your wings, 
  Riding on the spirit winds,
 Within this song of life, 
 Which shatters any storm. 

 For no star within the night, 
  Is ever truly alone, 
 Within an ocean of diamonds, 
 Reflecting our infinite souls, 
 As within indomitable love, 
 Hope will never be lost. 

 These words are one language, 
 With a universe of thought, 
  While music is a universe, 
 With all languages in one, 
 A sharing between souls, 
 Of what cannot be spoken. 

 Battles can be won,
 And they are seldom repeated, 
 Yet when the seldom happens, 
 There are more hearts by your side, 
 Souls brave in their faith, 
 Stand as one in God's pure love. 

 Never fear or doubt, 
 And never lose your smile, 
 Your heart rides fourth in music, 
 Residing in  all of ours, 
 Our strength returns to you, 
 Indomitable in love. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hearts of Manchester

 This is for the victims, families, and friends affected by the brutal attack on the evening of May 22, 2017  upon the fans of Ariana Grande  at her concert in Manchester.  I wish I could personally comfort each and everyone  and give them strength. I cannot do that, but I can write and pray that it is read.   I will also remind each and everyone of you to never miss a chance to tell someone you love them, never miss a chance to smile, never miss a moment to live, as their hearts and souls live through us. 

Their laughter did fill our ears,
Their voices did calm our fears,
By our sides through the day,
Too quickly taken far away,
Eyes amidst the stars above,
Souls born by wings of love,
Lifted from our tear dimmed eyes,
Journey beyond the new sunrise,
We hold each other through the night,
Too shaken from the shocking sight,
Yet held by strong arms above,
We take strength in God's pure love,
We lay ourselves down to bed,
Dream of the ones who've gone ahead,
For the truth we knew from the start,
Their lives shine on through our hearts.

 Live life strong every day, 
 Share it in every possible way, 
 Light falls on us from above, 
 Flooding darkness with tears of love, 
 For no force stands against this power, 
 Saving us in the darkest hour,
 Binding souls with love's tether,
 A chord not even death can sever, 
 Darkness is lost within this strife, 
 For love is the eternal song of life, 
 And so we join  heart to heart, 
 Honoring those who did depart, 
 So their hearts may shine through us, 
 Towards brighter days ahead of us, 
 And so the world does stand together, 
 For the hearts and souls of Manchester. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gift of Light

For the love of my life, on Mother's Day

 Gifts are given, 
 Of sparkling stones, 
 Of beautiful clothing, 
 And colors abounding, 
 Yet all they can do, 
 In all of their glory, 
 Is stand in the sunshine, 
 And gather the light. 

 The light is the gift, 
 Embracing the living, 
 Providing perspective, 
 In the continuum of time, 
 Lifting up all beauty, 
  Out of the darkness, 
 For all to behold, 
 And embrace with the heart. 

 The light is the beauty, 
 Which entered my heart, 
 When you first looked at me, 
 With the eyes of your soul, 
 My heart then breathed, 
 The first breath of life, 
 And by your delicate touch, 
 I was made whole. 

 Starlight adds the words, 
 Which our eyes then read, 
 Of the surrounding story, 
 In the light of the sun, 
 Yet the true light, 
 Only hearts can see, 
 Making all things possible, 
 In the light of love. 

 Within this light, 
 I can dance, 
 Within this light, 
 My soul does sing,
 For love knows no time, 
 In the patience of living, 
 Love knows no time, 
In the endless song.

 You are my light, 
 The heart of my family, 
 You are our light, 
 Which blinds the world, 
 Looking on in awe,
 A delight to Heaven,
The song of life,
Light of my soul!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Angels Among Us

 Underneath the tree, 
 Lying in her pain, 
 Underneath a tree, 
 Beaten close to death. 
 Wounded in her heart, 
 Scars upon her soul, 
 Unable to stand, 
 Alone and bereft. 

 Together we did talk, 
 A chance meeting of souls, 
 Together we did walk, 
 With wheelchair in hand, 
 She just could not make it, 
 To the hospital so far, 
 Alone and with no strength, 
 She just would not make it.

 Can you see the  girl playing?
 She is laughing with her friend,
 The little girl is playing,
 She does not see this before her,
 None could see this coming,
 No one would want it,
 Lying helpless beneath a tree,
 It would send the bravest running.

 She is still a human being,
 Beneath the dirt and filth,
 She is still a human being,
 Someone's child and a woman,
 But pray for an angel to come,
 God always sends somebody,
 Yet there is no one on the street,
 Perhaps you are the angel to come.
 Perhaps she is an angel in disguise?
 Scripture states that this happens,
 Would you miss the chance to reach out?
 Would you miss a chance to touch God?