Saturday, May 5, 2018


You can jump across the universe,
 In one synapse of the mind. 
 You can mold a new reality, 
 With the clay of space and time. 
 The walls between dimensions, 
 Do not amount to much. 
 Crossing from one to the other, 
Requires the power of touch.

The gap between impossibles,
Is breached through the touch of love.
The dead become the living,
From Heaven’s power above.
The forgotten become the changers,
Which were never considered as much,
Miracles become common place,
Through the heart of touch.

From creation to destruction,
Is bridged through the force of fear.
One second’s choice irrevocable,
When anger comes so near.
 Yet creation can spark from nothing,
And it does not require much,
From passion was born reality,
Through the power of touch.

Our two hearts come together,
Our souls touch through the lips.
Our life blood flows as one,
Through the fingertips.
With your hand in mine,
I hear the song of life as such.
Forever unfolds before us,
Through the power of touch.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Know Where You’re Going

Knowing where you’re going,
Takes knowing where you’ve been.
Life has a beginning,
But it never truly ends.
You don’t need fortune tellers,
To see around the bend.
Knowing where your going,
Requires knowing where you've been.

There are so many pathways,
To undiscovered lands.
Leading us to oceans,
Or to the desert sands.
Yet the secret to survival,
Down any of life’s roads.
Is never loosing who you are,
Wherever you may go.

Sometimes you will find,
One who has lost his way.
It is easy to loose directions,
Then forget to stop and pray.
Yet we all have a power,
Given from the Lord above.
Which will help a wayward traveler,
Through the gift of love.

Knowing where you're going,
Is knowing who you are.
Never let this go,
And you always will go far.
Let the stars at night remind you,
Life’s magic never ends.
When you know where you’re going,
By knowing where you’ve been.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

In The Name of Harry

May he live on through our hearts, and how we choose to live.

 His smile was priceless, 
 A gift given freely, 
 From a heart of joy, 
 And a choice of living, 
 For a happy life, 
 Comes through giving,
 A magician and artist, 
 Sorcerer of emotions, 
 Conveying truth, 
 Through clouds of commotion, 
 Sight comes from the heart,
  Though life is confusing,  
 He taught this with laughter, 
 The tool he was using.

 To follow his example, 
 Was a joy that I sought, 
 To keep my smile, 
 All through the while, 
 With sharp wit, 
 And friends all around, 
  For the power of love, 
 Is oh so profound! 
  Yet I have one regret, 
 Which now I must share, 
 I never said thank you, 
 With all the tools that are there.

 In his memory I go forth, 
 And so should you, 
 We should never miss a chance, 
 To say I love you, 
 To say that I thank you,
 For time is so rare, 
  So share what you’re feeling,
 And you will soon find, 
 This is the best use, 
 Of the gift of time. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Flow of Love

Moments of binding,
On paths intertwining,
Happen in times of pain,
When tragedy strikes,
Anxiety spikes,
And no one is ever the same.

A daughter is lost,
On one path afar,
In illness taken away,
Yet hearts come together,
In the stormiest weather,
And healing comes when we pray.

Cancer then comes,
Like a lightening strike,
To homes of those we know,
Though no one controls,
Where lightening strikes,
We control the love that we show.

A friend loosing sight,
The coming of night,
Darkness far too soon,
Yet with bringing of hope,
The heart’s fire is stoked,
On horizon a miracle looms.

We can not control,
When circumstance comes,
But we can co tell what we do,
For the simplest things,
From hearts far and near,
 And help pull someone through.

Your faith in God,
Fuels the fires of love,
The energy flows when you share,
Healing comes through,
The power of your heart,
When you choose to be there.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fractured Souls

 In us and through us, 
 They walk and they wonder, 
 Through trials and through tears,
 Their hearts torn asunder, 
 Hearts crying in the darkness, 
 Voices silenced by the night, 
 Souls looking upward for hope, 
 Through perforations seeing starlight. 

 Some have lost their children, 
 Young lives taken away, 
 Innocent blood crying to God, 
 Parents with nothing to say, 
 Others have lost their health, 
 Time quickly slipping away, 
 In battle against unseen foes,
 Within the clear light of day. 

 These souls walk and breathe with us, 
 Sometimes with close ties, 
 Others unknown amidst the crowds, 
 And we look into their eyes, 
 The impact rolls from life to lives, 
 As pain can only flow, 
 If left unchecked by faithful hearts, 
 Who knows where this can go. 

 We cannot control what occurs, 
 But only what we do, 
 Yet chances come for us to love, 
 With choice for me and you, 
 For none can resist, 
 This power to persist, 
 No fears rise above, 
When there is only love.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Rose

For my Ewa

 Within my garden, 
 Lemons shimmer like the sun, 
 Passionfruit instills passion, 
 For in the center of it all, 
 There is my Rose. 

 Within my garden, 
 There is laughter, 
 We are joyous hearts converge, 
 Four in the center of it all, 
  Shines my Rose.

 She grows in my heart, 
 Giving my heart meaning, 
 She perfumes my soul, 
 Giving my life joy, 
 Among the many she is the one. 

 I have flown through the stars, 
 Seeing all of their beauty, 
 Feeling all of their energy, 
 For the center of beauty, 
 Is my Rose. 

 Upon the edge of forever, 
 I see the unending, 
 For from the heart of God, 
 Came this fountain of love, 
 From my Rose. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Where is God?

Where is God,
 When the Twin Towers fell,
When pain is unending,
 When people go through hell?

 Where is God, 
 While suffering prevails, 
 While cancer rules the wards, 
 While physical strength fails? 

 Suffering comes from will,
 Which we are free to choose, 
 Which made in our self interest, 
 Will cause us to lose. 

 Pain comes from life, 
 While beauty surrounds us, 
 While our own breath confounds us, 
 Which is the effort of strife. 

 God does not act, 
 Within lights and in shows, 
 Behind the canvas of life, 
 Is the magic he sows. 

 Where are God’s miracles?
 Do not look to the skies, 
 They are closer than you think, 
 Look into my eyes. 

 Now look all around you, 
 Is it part of a plan? 
 God’s love shines the brightest, 
 When through human hands. 

 Suffering is a stage, 
 Unlike any other, 
 Yet the miracle from God, 
Is He gives us each other.

 We are creatures of effort, 
 Love’s acts  prove this true, 
 When I am looking for God, 
 I need just look at you.