Thursday, December 22, 2016

To Share a Smile

How do you put into words,
That which cannot be spoken?
How do you paint a clear picture,
With sounds that flow from the mind?
Thought unto thought,
Feeling unto feeling,
Two souls with experience,
Know all through the eyes.

Strangers become friends,
Through the strength of a smile,
I smile becomes a river,
Flowing out among souls,
One conveys to ten,
And ten reach out to hundreds,
Restoring joy to the hopeless,
Replacing hopelessness with peace.

Energy is never destroyed,
Energy is never created,
Yet the energy of love,
Knows no such rules,
For this is why the stars,
And the Earth was created,
Because it was that important,
To choose to show love.

The Dream

A face appearing,
A gentle touch,
Not to the fingers,
And upon the heart,
Here within the timeless,
A second is forever,
Here with your heart,
Beating within mine,
A reflection of Heaven,
Resting beyond change,
Where time is absurdity,
And love binds all to one,
For in the waking world,
Of fears and illusions,
Chasing ghosts of promise,
Our tears will come forth,
Yet a tear becomes a lens,
Bending the light of darkness,
Breaking the light of illusion,
Bringing truth unto the heart,
For God made these lenses,
Water to join with others,
A binding between our hearts,
Fused by fire of His love,
The dream then becomes real,
As the world becomes illusion,
With our souls held safe eternal,
By His hand above.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Scent of a Woman

The scent of a woman,
Never leaves a man's heart,
The perfume of her spirit,
Filling his soul,
As her breath of life,
Flows from him as love,
As her laughter forms,
The light of his eyes,
Which the blind can see,
Of all he is to be,
For the love of God,
Gives him wisdom and strength,
While the love of her,
Gives him purpose.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Bible and The Banjo - for the people affected by the fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

I wrote this inspired by a situation that was experienced when my neighbors home in the mountains went up in flames. May people far and near come together in love, prayer, and action in helping the people affected by this tragic situation in the area of Gatlinburg.

I saw the flames from through the trees,
It was my neighbor's home,
Within the dark and near his loss,
His face looked so alone.

Bright orange fire light in his eyes,
In silence he just cried,
Surrounded by friends and fire crew,
Underneath the ashen sky.

His family safe and in and his arms,
Only two things more survived,
With banjo and Bible from the flames,
He kept his faith held high.

We came together in days to come,
Us neighbors far end is near,
To help a friend who was in need,
His family we held dear.

We each had skills to put to use,
To build that home again,
From our hearts we brought our skills,
Back home to help a friend.

For love from God flows through the heart,
As dark times sure will show,
We gathered in joy by the new front door,
With his Bible and banjo.

With over 700 homes and buildings destroyed, and a rising death toll, these folks need help.  Click below if you want to help them.

From the Ashes - For The people of Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Dolly Parton is giving $1000 a month to help people who have lost their homes in this tragedy affecting the place she has known as home. What will you do?

Where is God to allow such things?
The fear through the night,
Tempered by the pain of loss,
Hope replaced by hopelessness,
And then there is the Cross.

Do miracles light up the sky?
If God is all powerful,
Then miracles are merely acts,
But Christ's love with in our hearts,
Turns the impossible into facts.

What can rise from these ashes?
Bones of loved ones mixed with wood,
Permeate these blessed grounds,
Their love forever in our hearts,
New direction can be found.

Can darkness really show the light?
This truth Jesus taught to me,
On this dark stage together,
Actions from our hearts will weather,
Showing God's love as it should be.