Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Dream

A face appearing,
A gentle touch,
Not to the fingers,
And upon the heart,
Here within the timeless,
A second is forever,
Here with your heart,
Beating within mine,
A reflection of Heaven,
Resting beyond change,
Where time is absurdity,
And love binds all to one,
For in the waking world,
Of fears and illusions,
Chasing ghosts of promise,
Our tears will come forth,
Yet a tear becomes a lens,
Bending the light of darkness,
Breaking the light of illusion,
Bringing truth unto the heart,
For God made these lenses,
Water to join with others,
A binding between our hearts,
Fused by fire of His love,
The dream then becomes real,
As the world becomes illusion,
With our souls held safe eternal,
By His hand above.

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