Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Lady

I hope the one who inspired this can find strength in it.  I hope others facing the same can find meaning.  - Eric

She was there,
At a garage sale,
Sitting with family,
Speaking with a smile,
Full of life and joy,
Sharing her feelings,
Inspiring a laugh,
Enjoying the warmth,
Of family and sunshine,
And where I met her,
Pure happenstance,
Her terminal cancer,
Pure circumstance,
She would not allow it,
To take away her focus,
From the music of life,
Surrounding us all,
And as I see sunsets,
Each of different color,
I remember the lady,
And the truth within her,
We are here for a day,
And life is a gift,
But love is forever.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Titanic: A Rose on the Water

For the poem I wrote for the Titanic passengers, and the memorial page I created, click below, or just read the poem on my blog, and enjoy a YouTube video of Celine Dion's beautiful dedication song here.


 It was the time of our lives,
Living fully and wonderfully,
We were beyond compare,
Indestructible and strong,
Surrounded by luxury,
We boarded the ship,
A palace on the waters,
Elegance of carved gold,
Tiled adornment for our feet,
The finest service of pleasures,
Yet it all became meaningless,
Taken away in moments,
As the engines stopped forever,
And we were called on deck,
With my children beside me,
The men were made separate,
As the ship began to fill,
Tilting forward into the black,
They made the preparations,
For the few boats on deck,
To load us in with care,
And lower us away,
My husband among them,
Assured me of his love,
Knowing all would be well,
He took my hand and smiled,
With our children in safety,
He tended to the others,
With other men beside him,
In valiance to behold,
For fear was within them,
As it was with us all,
With their hearts in defiance,
And their hands to the task,
For I know their hearts,
Staying focused on their goal,
They ignored their human fears,
As all things had transpired,
With tears upon my face,
I watched their work cease,
For the last boat was lowered,
Into the chill of the ocean,
They simply stood together,
With strength in each other,
And as we pulled away further,
My husband’s eyes I did see,
I then saw the impossible,
Upon that tragic night,
For with nothing left to do,
The men had passed their trial,
Knowing well their fates,
They each raised a hand,
In a farewell full of love,
They each bore a smile,
For God used their hearts,
To fill them full of strength,
So that each would find the courage,
Knowing what they must do,
For they focused on their love,
For all of us and family,
Which is the only reason,
That any made it through.