Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Circle

 Love gives birth to wisdom, 
 As Job loved life beyond measure, 
 With millennia till planets were seen,
 He said the Earth was hung upon nothing. 

 Wisdom gives birth to love, 
Knowing the narrow balance of conditions,
 Within which we walk and breathe, 
 Creates love for the miracle of life. 

 Allowing our souls to connect, 
 Carrying sound through the air,
Bringing words to the heart,
In the energy of love.

 Wisdom and love bring sorrow, 
 When the heart becomes awakened, 
 Nothing may remain hidden, 
 Deepening the awareness of being. 

 Sorrow brings the coming of joy, 
 For the living heart will seek it, 
 Creating from deepened appreciation, 
 Adding fullness to the song of life. 

 Love is endlessly strengthened, 
 In the circle larger than reality, 
 Transcending death and life, 
 Beyond thoughts the mind can know. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Upon The Mountain

 Upon the mountain, 
 Heartbeats rising, 
 Souls in sunset, 
 Amidst  love's wonder, 
 Where spirits dance, 
 Within life's song, 
 Upon the mountain. 

  Our lives converge, 
 As we seek to be loved, 
 Walking trails of tranquility, 
 Though the dark clouds  come, 
 For as storms rearrange, 
 Love shields the heart, 
 Upon the mountain. 

 Within the town, 
 Through broken glass, 
 We glimpse the past, 
 With presence in the present, 
 As we discover ourselves, 
 And lift our pain to Heaven,
 Upon the mountain. 

 Time's illusion fades fast, 
Within places without time,
Walking the trail of no words,
Where past souls meet with present,
To overlook the view of eagles,
To see the view as from Heaven,
Upon the mountain.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Endless Sunrise

 I have had many things, 
 Which come in pretty boxes, 
 To find new homes on shelves, 
 And lead quiet peaceful lives. 

 Things can be touched, 
 And they do fade, 
 Becoming only objects, 
 Lost within the moment. 

 You are beauty, 
 And came not in a box, 
 A gift of pure love, 
 Over and over again. 

 For each moment with you, 
 A gift within itself,
 Lives not upon a shelf, 
 But sings forever in my heart. 

 For the spirit is not out of here, 
 And it knows no end or beginning, 
 Neither do your moments, 
 Fade within my soul.

 Each moment adding to me, 
 As I add mine to you, 
 More amazing every day, 
 Four in you I am whole.

 With in each other we dance, 
 In the end was home of heart, 
As God rejoices in our song,
 Of what is and is to be. 

 For there is no greater freedom, 
 Then within the bonds of love, 
 For the soul has endless sunrise, 
 Through what the heart can always see. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Teacher of Riddles

 This morning at Starbucks I conversed with a woman that brought in a service dog, and an old Italian from the Bronx. We spoke of nonverbal communication, and That inspired me to write this.  The image by the way is a stock photo, but I like what it expresses.

 The heart sees no absurdity, 
 For all is in truth, 
 Knowing no words to express, 
 Four words lose their illusion, 
 And when the eyes of the heart are open, 
 The soul receives true light. 

 Even nature understands this truth, 
  Spoken thought being and absurdity, 
 And a dog can look into your eyes, 
 To know the truth of who you are, 
 And if our hearts are so much wiser, 
 Who are we to choose not to listen? 

 A good teacher teaches in the pictures, 
 Using words has the colors of his brush, 
 And though the students are learning, 
 The teacher becomes the greatest student, 
  In the eyes of those who are listening, 
 Vision of the soul becomes clear. 

 The mysteries of tragedy go on answered, 
 While the tragedy of love is ignorance, 
 For if the distractions of the world are silenced, 
 The heart feeds the soul true wisdom, 
 And though a tear may come time to time, 
 True joy will never be conquered. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mirror, Mirror

 It has been said, 
 This world is a reflection, 
 A shadowy image, 
 Of things to come. 
 A parallel of beauty, 
 Another dimension, 
 With time no more, 
 Through God's own son. 

 For time rules all, 
 That live and breathe, 
 Walking this green earth, 
 And through the sky. 
 In withering change, 
 Some doors do close, 
 Yet when souls leave, 
 There is no goodbye. 

 Her force is strong, 
 Her love is true, 
 Her hand in God's,
 Throughout her life. 
 I feel her strength,
 And I see her eyes, 
  Through those she loves,  
 Both mother and wife. 

 She walks in beauty, 
 In God's pure light, 
 In the same space, 
 We walk and breathe. 
 Past an unseen wall, 
 Too close to touch, 
 Which the eyes can't  find, 
  Yet the heart does see. 

 A moment is forever, 
 And forever is a moment, 
 Beyond Earth's illusion,
 In truth she lives. 
 For there is no goodbye, 
 And no separation, 
 Through the power of love, 
 Which God gives.