Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Circle

 Love gives birth to wisdom, 
 As Job loved life beyond measure, 
 With millennia till planets were seen,
 He said the Earth was hung upon nothing. 

 Wisdom gives birth to love, 
Knowing the narrow balance of conditions,
 Within which we walk and breathe, 
 Creates love for the miracle of life. 

 Allowing our souls to connect, 
 Carrying sound through the air,
Bringing words to the heart,
In the energy of love.

 Wisdom and love bring sorrow, 
 When the heart becomes awakened, 
 Nothing may remain hidden, 
 Deepening the awareness of being. 

 Sorrow brings the coming of joy, 
 For the living heart will seek it, 
 Creating from deepened appreciation, 
 Adding fullness to the song of life. 

 Love is endlessly strengthened, 
 In the circle larger than reality, 
 Transcending death and life, 
 Beyond thoughts the mind can know. 

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