Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Mirror, Mirror

 It has been said, 
 This world is a reflection, 
 A shadowy image, 
 Of things to come. 
 A parallel of beauty, 
 Another dimension, 
 With time no more, 
 Through God's own son. 

 For time rules all, 
 That live and breathe, 
 Walking this green earth, 
 And through the sky. 
 In withering change, 
 Some doors do close, 
 Yet when souls leave, 
 There is no goodbye. 

 Her force is strong, 
 Her love is true, 
 Her hand in God's,
 Throughout her life. 
 I feel her strength,
 And I see her eyes, 
  Through those she loves,  
 Both mother and wife. 

 She walks in beauty, 
 In God's pure light, 
 In the same space, 
 We walk and breathe. 
 Past an unseen wall, 
 Too close to touch, 
 Which the eyes can't  find, 
  Yet the heart does see. 

 A moment is forever, 
 And forever is a moment, 
 Beyond Earth's illusion,
 In truth she lives. 
 For there is no goodbye, 
 And no separation, 
 Through the power of love, 
 Which God gives. 

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