Thursday, February 16, 2017

Endless Sunrise

 I have had many things, 
 Which come in pretty boxes, 
 To find new homes on shelves, 
 And lead quiet peaceful lives. 

 Things can be touched, 
 And they do fade, 
 Becoming only objects, 
 Lost within the moment. 

 You are beauty, 
 And came not in a box, 
 A gift of pure love, 
 Over and over again. 

 For each moment with you, 
 A gift within itself,
 Lives not upon a shelf, 
 But sings forever in my heart. 

 For the spirit is not out of here, 
 And it knows no end or beginning, 
 Neither do your moments, 
 Fade within my soul.

 Each moment adding to me, 
 As I add mine to you, 
 More amazing every day, 
 Four in you I am whole.

 With in each other we dance, 
 In the end was home of heart, 
As God rejoices in our song,
 Of what is and is to be. 

 For there is no greater freedom, 
 Then within the bonds of love, 
 For the soul has endless sunrise, 
 Through what the heart can always see. 

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