Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Falling Through

The fabric of reality,
Is delicate indeed,
Mere particles holding hands,
Give us ground to stand on,
Mere thoughts and ideas,
Give us understanding,
Mere sounds and words,
Give us communication,
By which we hold hands,
Across space and time,
A delicate web of safety,
Which will always tear,
Allowing souls to fall through,
Through crisis and loss,
Into the darkness of pain,
Into the void of madness,
Where the lack of our voices,
Gives way to the others,
Soothing words of terror,
Unspeakable to the heart,
Yet the heart holds the power,
To hold us together,
For the great miracles of God,
Flow through our souls,
By the freedom of will,
For when death brings the crush,
And loss brings the darkness,
We reach out to each other,
With faith force of love,
And we keep each other,
From falling through.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Sometimes I have had dreams where I hear songs that have not been written.  Years after seeing the Miami Vice episode "A bullet for Crockett" I dreamed about it hearing a song from Peter Gabriel.  Upon finding the episode on the internet and watching it, I confirmed the song never existed.  Recently I had another dream where John Denver was in his late 60's playing a song on stage which he never wrote before his death.  Last night I heard this song in a dream on the radio, and this morning I figured I had better write it down.

Our lives are set from eight to five,
Sometimes we just don’t feel alive,
We pass each other briefly now,
At dusk and dawn.

While we work to have a life,
We can get lost within the strife,
We have to hold on tight,
Before its gone.

I think its time we get away…
Down to Cucamonga.
When were there we’ll find our way…
Down in Cucomonga.
We go for walks amidst the breeze,
The surf will set our souls at ease,
We will find our way…
Down in Cucomonga.

The only thing I know is true,
Is how I feel when I’m with you,
We must not loose the chance,
To make the time.

While we’re here will find ourselves,
Amidst the sand and ocean swells,
For it is our own hearts,
That we will find.

We have found our way…
Down to Cucamonga.
Where we can laugh and play…
Down in Cucomonga.
We go for walks amidst the breeze,
The surf will set our souls at ease,
We’ll hear the song of love,
Down in Cucomonga.

I can see my life within your eyes,
Where I see the sun amidst the skies,
And I remember all,
That I can give.

Let’s always sing the song of love,
Played through our hearts from above,
For within your life,
Is where I live.

In our hearts we’ll stay…
Down in Cucamonga.
Our hearts will never stray…
Away from Cucomonga.
The joy will carry through our song,
And show the way to a new dawn,
So that others find,
Love in Cucomonga.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Caress of Fire

I wrote this in amazement of how our actions in good faith produce not only reactions, but by the guidance of God they produce reactions timed to do even more good.  I wrote "Robin's Song" for Robin Gibb back in March.  A wonderful comment came back from a young lady named Ruby in April, unnoticed by me.  When I read it this month I was inspired to send that poem to Robin's favorite Children's charities, and one responded asking if they can add it to a book they are creating.  If I found Ruby's wonderful comment in April, would it have been too early to come at the creation of the book?  These are the things that amaze me when we live to the fullest.

What is there to consider?
But the consideration of all,
How time flows together,
Combining flavors of all things,
So that actions inspire words,
And words inspire actions,
Keeping fire alive with us,
Strength beyond physical,
We continue though hungry,
We are sharpened though tired,
We have courage though afraid,
Proving the old words true,
We do not live by bread alone,
But what flows through the spirit,
From the source of all creation,
Causing me to seek solutions,
When none can be found,
Whether fixing a fountain pen,
Through use of hot coffee,
Or by showing a broken soul,
That tomorrow is a new day,
As energy poured into us,
Returns as we send it,
Coming back from others,
Blessed by our use,
As we can never know,
When a soul in the night,
Who has lost all hope,
Greets the rising of the sun,
By the touch of our lives,
As the influence continues,
From the defiance of love,
I feel the power surging,
Urging to do even more,
As I live the excitement,
In the caress of fire.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Heart of an Eagle – For Shane Murphy

The Heart of an Eagle – For Shane Murphy

 As soon as I heard the tragic news about Shane, the son of a lady my wife works with, this is what came to my heart.  May his life soar in our hearts with everything that we say and do.  - Eric    

See News Report

Link to Memorial Fund for Shane Murphy

Not every heart,
Feels at home on the breeze,
Not every soul,
Finds freedom in the clouds,
It is not a pleasure,
It is not without meaning,
For here the heart knows,
Seeing his place,
Above the common Earth,
Below the eyes of God,
He is an inspiration,
To all who know him,
Making his dreams reality,
He is at home in any land,
Home is within his heart,
The ones he loves are there,
While the further he flies,
The more lives he touches,
When you look in his eyes,
The impossible becomes real,
When he gives you his smile,
The strength makes it come true,
And though he once flew,
He continues to fly,
For even in the hearts,
Of those he never knew,
His flight changes life,
As he soars we have faith,
A gift to continue on,
From the heart of an eagle.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Was it me? – A Child’s View of Divorce

Watching this happen to a family is like having a hose in your hand while you are seperated from a house fire by a thick glass wall.  You feel helpless.

What have I done,
To change the day?,
Mommy and Daddy,
Gone separate ways,
Nothing but yelling,
They always fight,
I hear their voices,
Into the night,
Why did it happen?
How could it be?
They did not say it,
I know it’s me,
I was not listening,
Or bad in school,
They say I’m good,
I am a fool,
It’s not my fault,
They say it’s them,
Alone I am crying,
Once more again,
It is with Mommy,
I am going to stay,
With a new Daddy,
I am going to play,
My real Daddy,
May come again,
If Mommy lets him,
I don’t know when,
I know it’s my fault,
And they don’t know,
They will be happy,
If I just go.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Tears of Love

To touch the untouchable,
Has led to dreams fulfilled,
Flying among the clouds,
And traveling amidst the stars,
Yet everything can be reached,
With the strength of persistence,
But what is more untouchable,
Then the presence of pain?
Deep within the heart,
It can not be measured,
As it is without dimension,
It can not be weighed,
As it is without mass,
It can not be held,
As it is not physical,
Yet is is there,
And untouchable,
Within people beside us,
And also inside us,
Yet what can be touched,
Is the person in pain,
Through the ears with words,
Though a world away,
Through a warm embrace,
When just by our side,
And in the bonding,
There is a door,
It opens ubove us,
Like the storm cloud brimming,
And ready to pour down,
The door is through Heaven,
And into God's heart,
As the remedy to pain,
Is His perfect love,
Understanding unbounded,
He rains down upon us,
Quenching the dryness,
And the pain is abated,
In tears of love.