Friday, August 17, 2012

The Caress of Fire

I wrote this in amazement of how our actions in good faith produce not only reactions, but by the guidance of God they produce reactions timed to do even more good.  I wrote "Robin's Song" for Robin Gibb back in March.  A wonderful comment came back from a young lady named Ruby in April, unnoticed by me.  When I read it this month I was inspired to send that poem to Robin's favorite Children's charities, and one responded asking if they can add it to a book they are creating.  If I found Ruby's wonderful comment in April, would it have been too early to come at the creation of the book?  These are the things that amaze me when we live to the fullest.

What is there to consider?
But the consideration of all,
How time flows together,
Combining flavors of all things,
So that actions inspire words,
And words inspire actions,
Keeping fire alive with us,
Strength beyond physical,
We continue though hungry,
We are sharpened though tired,
We have courage though afraid,
Proving the old words true,
We do not live by bread alone,
But what flows through the spirit,
From the source of all creation,
Causing me to seek solutions,
When none can be found,
Whether fixing a fountain pen,
Through use of hot coffee,
Or by showing a broken soul,
That tomorrow is a new day,
As energy poured into us,
Returns as we send it,
Coming back from others,
Blessed by our use,
As we can never know,
When a soul in the night,
Who has lost all hope,
Greets the rising of the sun,
By the touch of our lives,
As the influence continues,
From the defiance of love,
I feel the power surging,
Urging to do even more,
As I live the excitement,
In the caress of fire.

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