Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Heart of an Eagle – For Shane Murphy

The Heart of an Eagle – For Shane Murphy

 As soon as I heard the tragic news about Shane, the son of a lady my wife works with, this is what came to my heart.  May his life soar in our hearts with everything that we say and do.  - Eric    

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Link to Memorial Fund for Shane Murphy

Not every heart,
Feels at home on the breeze,
Not every soul,
Finds freedom in the clouds,
It is not a pleasure,
It is not without meaning,
For here the heart knows,
Seeing his place,
Above the common Earth,
Below the eyes of God,
He is an inspiration,
To all who know him,
Making his dreams reality,
He is at home in any land,
Home is within his heart,
The ones he loves are there,
While the further he flies,
The more lives he touches,
When you look in his eyes,
The impossible becomes real,
When he gives you his smile,
The strength makes it come true,
And though he once flew,
He continues to fly,
For even in the hearts,
Of those he never knew,
His flight changes life,
As he soars we have faith,
A gift to continue on,
From the heart of an eagle.

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