Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Was it me? – A Child’s View of Divorce

Watching this happen to a family is like having a hose in your hand while you are seperated from a house fire by a thick glass wall.  You feel helpless.

What have I done,
To change the day?,
Mommy and Daddy,
Gone separate ways,
Nothing but yelling,
They always fight,
I hear their voices,
Into the night,
Why did it happen?
How could it be?
They did not say it,
I know it’s me,
I was not listening,
Or bad in school,
They say I’m good,
I am a fool,
It’s not my fault,
They say it’s them,
Alone I am crying,
Once more again,
It is with Mommy,
I am going to stay,
With a new Daddy,
I am going to play,
My real Daddy,
May come again,
If Mommy lets him,
I don’t know when,
I know it’s my fault,
And they don’t know,
They will be happy,
If I just go.

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