Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Falling Through

The fabric of reality,
Is delicate indeed,
Mere particles holding hands,
Give us ground to stand on,
Mere thoughts and ideas,
Give us understanding,
Mere sounds and words,
Give us communication,
By which we hold hands,
Across space and time,
A delicate web of safety,
Which will always tear,
Allowing souls to fall through,
Through crisis and loss,
Into the darkness of pain,
Into the void of madness,
Where the lack of our voices,
Gives way to the others,
Soothing words of terror,
Unspeakable to the heart,
Yet the heart holds the power,
To hold us together,
For the great miracles of God,
Flow through our souls,
By the freedom of will,
For when death brings the crush,
And loss brings the darkness,
We reach out to each other,
With faith force of love,
And we keep each other,
From falling through.

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