Thursday, February 21, 2013

Small Circles

I like exactly how this image links circles together...

I have always been amazed how my wife can create drawings using dozens of tiny circles while she is talking on the phone.  Recently I saw the same style in the art of Christine who is a Christian mother of 4 that I bought a piece of furniture from on Craig’s List.  We spoke of life interactions in faith and she showed some examples of her art, including a piece that is going to the Lakeside Lutheran Church.   In speaking feeling through our gifts, we reach other lives.

Circles forming freely,
Throughout all we can see,
In all of our actions,
Surrounding our words,
Bonding air to the waters,
Closing light to the earth,
Feeling heart to soul,
Finding form in the whole,
As circles on paper,
Touch skin to skin,
Forming shapes and form,
Blue caressing white,
And an angel’s wing rises,
Embracing the light,
As with all that we do,
In speaking who we are,
Paints a picture of each soul,
Every laugh,
And emotion,
Bonds lives together,
Painting the tapestry of love,
Telling the story of forever,
Using colors of feeling,
In small circles.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Power

Nearly two years ago on a garage sale we had met a young lady obviously fighting cancer.  I was deeply inspired by her strength of faith and force of life.  She inspired me to write then.  Last Saturday we came to the same house and she was still there.  We talked for an hour in amazing conversation .  Their was joy, strength and peace in her entire family from her daughter on up to her parents.  This is written for Jill and her family.

Please support Cancer Treatment Centers of America if you can.

Full life,
Faith from loving,
Truth lived,

Battles faced,
Standing with joy,
Trust learned,

Leading her,
Family strength bond,
Never failing,

Living sound,
Surrounds our souls,
Bonding whole,

Never dims,
Through her heart,
Proof imparts,

God’s example,
Keeping faith strong,
Our salvation,

Friday, February 15, 2013

Heart to Heart

For Joyce and Butch

We met Joyce on a garage sale.  She was clearing items after the loss of her husband.  We spoke of him, his love of music, and how he interacted with people.  We spoke of marriage, love between people, and the bonds that never break.  This is for Joyce.

Life is the reason,
And love is the way,
As we walk together,
Within a sea of souls,
With language of feeling,
And words of music,
Hand within hand,
Heart within heart,
Alive in God’s hand,
Never to part,
Simplicity is joy,
And living is simple,
Sharing our gifts,
Soul to soul,
The fire spreads,
Beyond our home,
And past our shores,
For joined in marriage,
We are one in love,
Never to be apart,
The magic lives on,
Heart to heart.

The Girl and the Guitar

Inspired by Suzanne Vega as she performed in San Diego on February 12, 2012.

We could hear the calling,
All through the day,
A rythm of feelings,
From far away,
For down near the waters,
She had come to play,
A friend to gather us near.

The night drew a party,
Out in the streets,
On noise noted sidewalks,
Friends came to meet,
But into the theater,
For music to greet,
We strangers gathered inside.

She had written her words,
She wrote what she felt,
Of all the had seen,
And what she could tell,
Of moments of joy,
And times that were tense,
For our lives fulfill the song.

I could see how we travel,
On the currents of life,
How things don't make sense,
And joy turns to strife,
My compass seems broken,
And I can't see the shore,
But still we travel on.

If we had all the answers,
Our hearts could not live,
For passion in living,
Is the love that we give,
And from that night,
Our hearts gained more light,
From the girl and her guitar.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Light Collector

I started thinking of who I am and what I do.  All of the conversations I have and things I share came to mind.  I seem to take things shared with me and share them with others.  We all do that in a way.  In a way we are all collectors of light.

The world is a prism,
Bending light into colors,
Beaming light unto points,
Adding color and direction,
To the pathway of life,
Where every soul I meet,
I find something new,
Some quality or truth,
A perspective to share,
And every experience,
Reveals a new part of me,
Something more I am,
The more I can be,
And I find old things,
Made by hand and heart,
Torn apart by time,
Yet in my able hands,
I put it back in rhyme,
For life had touched it,
Oh so long ago,
Before dust had claimed it,
And now I make it glow,
For each life and thing,
Have magic in common,
Connection in motion,
Being touched by a life,
For that magic is heart,
Blazed by imagination,
Seen in a creation,
Or the fire in one’s eyes,
And so I see it,
Alight in love’s way,
Aloft in life’s song,
Surrounding me like stars,
Each one burning bright,
And I share it in travel,
Showing it to other souls,
Giving birth to new dreams,
I am a collector of light.