Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Light Collector

I started thinking of who I am and what I do.  All of the conversations I have and things I share came to mind.  I seem to take things shared with me and share them with others.  We all do that in a way.  In a way we are all collectors of light.

The world is a prism,
Bending light into colors,
Beaming light unto points,
Adding color and direction,
To the pathway of life,
Where every soul I meet,
I find something new,
Some quality or truth,
A perspective to share,
And every experience,
Reveals a new part of me,
Something more I am,
The more I can be,
And I find old things,
Made by hand and heart,
Torn apart by time,
Yet in my able hands,
I put it back in rhyme,
For life had touched it,
Oh so long ago,
Before dust had claimed it,
And now I make it glow,
For each life and thing,
Have magic in common,
Connection in motion,
Being touched by a life,
For that magic is heart,
Blazed by imagination,
Seen in a creation,
Or the fire in one’s eyes,
And so I see it,
Alight in love’s way,
Aloft in life’s song,
Surrounding me like stars,
Each one burning bright,
And I share it in travel,
Showing it to other souls,
Giving birth to new dreams,
I am a collector of light.

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