Friday, January 18, 2013

Southern Cross

This piece was partially inspired by the classic song of the same name which has always been in my soul.

To all who know the ocean,
On the waters and in dreams,
All who know her life song,
Know life is never what it seems,
I have walked in exploration,
Along her lengthily shores,
I have risen above her waters,
As life I do explore,
Since the time I was a man,
Alone along the path,
And when my heart was stolen,
Soulmate found at last,
To feel the waves beneath me,
And the wind upon my face,
Whether seagulls dance in sunlight,
Or the stars mark course with grace,
 I have been to southern waters,
With the cross to light my way,
I have made friends in new cultures,
Beneath the light of day,
In communing with my soulmate,
The depths of life are shared,
She understands my wordless whispers,
For no other love compared,
Sometimes the deepest wisdom,
Has come through silence shared,
Through many shores we've seen,
God shows life's meaning true,
Becoming one with the song,
Each day I travel with you,
The truth remains consistent,
Through any joy or loss,
As we find our way together,
Beneath the Southern Cross.

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