Wednesday, August 9, 2017


 The night provides the canvas,
Where we may paint our dreams,
 The day provides the stage,
  Where we may make them real.
 The heart provides the strength,
 To make all things come true,
 It all depends on what we truly feel.

 Love dispels the illusion,
That we are prisoners of time,
 Time only measures what will change.
Change will only alter,
Things not truly real,
 Yet all that truly matters,
  Our hearts have the power torearrange.

 The world tells us to gather,
 More unto ourselves,
 A path that only leads to pain,
 With a void that can't be filled,
 Whereas giving to other souls,
  Is a true eternal investment,
And all of what we get is truly gain.

 The pain that love can bring,
 Only comes with separation,
 For one heart cannot go two separate ways,
  Each feels the other half,
 For the tether never breaks,
 As even death holds no power,
Love stretches far beyond the end of days.

 The world is full of lies,
 All of the shadows hides deceptions,
 As the darkness tries to hide what is true,
 Yet the darkness grants us rest,
 Though the birds sing in their dreams,
 And our spirits travel the stars,
 For the truth is I am always loving you. 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Silverwood Songs

 For  Noah Paley and his inspiration, 
From one heart to another.

 Endless seas, 
 Open skies, 
 Rolling dunes, 
 Weathered eyes, 
 On village doors, 
His songs play,
To tell us more.

 On this beach, 
 We fell in love, 
 With waves below, 
 And gulls above, 
 As his hand played, 
 On ageless strings, 
 He found the song, 
 Which our hearts sing. 

 A song does fly, 
 Unfettered wings, 
 Through any storm, 
 Such peace it brings, 
 The rhyme brings joy, 
 From face to face, 
 With power to cross, 
 Both time and space. 

 These songs of sand, 
 That bound our souls, 
 Inspire our hearts, 
 And keep us whole,
 The song of life, 
 Does us surround, 
 The notes we add,
 Form common ground.