Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Silverwood Songs

 For  Noah Paley and his inspiration, 
From one heart to another.

 Endless seas, 
 Open skies, 
 Rolling dunes, 
 Weathered eyes, 
 On village doors, 
His songs play,
To tell us more.

 On this beach, 
 We fell in love, 
 With waves below, 
 And gulls above, 
 As his hand played, 
 On ageless strings, 
 He found the song, 
 Which our hearts sing. 

 A song does fly, 
 Unfettered wings, 
 Through any storm, 
 Such peace it brings, 
 The rhyme brings joy, 
 From face to face, 
 With power to cross, 
 Both time and space. 

 These songs of sand, 
 That bound our souls, 
 Inspire our hearts, 
 And keep us whole,
 The song of life, 
 Does us surround, 
 The notes we add,
 Form common ground. 

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