Saturday, July 29, 2017

Where the Wolves Sing

 From the Woodlands, 
 Ancient eyes, 
 Within the Woodlands, 
 Ancient souls, 
 Moving in silence, 
 The wind sings their song, 
 Moving emotion, 
 Their thoughts are their feelings, 
 Creatures of wisdom, 
  As they mate for life, 
 Creatures of wisdom, 
 Their treasure is each other, 
 A lesson we have forgotten, 
 In chasing our illusions, 
 But to feel your way back, 
 Look into their eyes. 

 They seek to live, 
Life is their reward,
 Only to live, 
 To be part of the magic, 
 Life's pulse in the Woodlands, 
 Racing with the wind, 
 Unconfined by the flesh,
 Racing with the wind, 
 Their souls cannot be bound, 
 Feel them without your fears, 
 And they will respect you, 
 Feel them without your fears, 
 Let your soul race with their wind, 
 Learn to live by the heart, 
 Which is the source of true vision, 
 Where the wolves sing in wisdom, 
 In the circle of life. 

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