Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From The Heart - for Christina Grimmie

For her family, friends, and all who know they
can make a positive difference, no matter what.

Born of love's light,
She shared her passion,
In finding her voice,
She shared her heart,
Life is the language,
Where the heart speaks,
Yet the soul understands,
What is beyond words,
Tears beyond expression,
Smiles beyond joy,
Love beyond expression.

The heart pours forth,
What cannot be contained,
No man made force,
Could contain her life,
For in face to face,
She was unforgettable,
Yet she touched the souls,
Who she could not see,
For love never fades,
And light never dies,
May her light shine full,
Through our hearts forever.

Monday, June 6, 2016


From where does comfort come,
When hardship hits the weary,
Circumstance knows no bounds,
As tragedy strikes the young,
As weakness strikes the strong,
Without regards to age,
Without seeing beauty,
Without making sense.

There is no rhyme or reason,
As the sensible grow foolish,
In trying to make sense,
Of all that comes to pass,
When the reality of weakness,
Is knowing we can't choose,
In when we win or lose,
Just how we play the game.

For the one enduring truth,
Is souls do not pass,
As tethers tied of love,
Bind our souls together,
Making miracles of madness,
As we invest ourselves in others,
With clear vision of the heart,
Through the gift of time.

As time passes enduring,
Endure within the faith,
Knowing when you seem alone,
We are all close at hand,
Through the dark of night,
May the stars reminds your soul,
We watch over you with love,
As the light pours from our hearts.