Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The River of Life

 Imagine this.
I am standing on the back deck where I work, looking at the San Diego river.  Behind a bin a worker left some paint some time ago, with a black plastic drop cloth covering the cans.  We have had some rain.  We have had some wind blowing a bit of dirt I am sure.  And there the seeds blew, and sprouted into living plants.  There?  Inspiring me to write?
Imagine that!

The river flows,
Where it may roam,
The river flows,
From start to home,
Water finds a way,
Wearing rock in time,
Finding easy passage,
Seldom in straight line.

Life is the same,
In persistence will last,
Always finding ways,
In what comes to pass,
As fire burns the forest,
Bringing ash and woe,
The canopy is cleared,
That new seeds grow.

The orchestration plays,
The conductor never sways,
In always finding ways,
The music does persist,
How often does it show,
In sights that we all know,
The magic does not slow,
That’s why we do exist.


How can it be denied?

In the cracks,
Green rises,
Life’s magic,
Love’s surprises,
Seen in  smallest things,
Hear creation sing,
And know your answers,
Will come in the flow.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End? - Written on 12/20/12

Tomorrow is the day,
The Mayans said it all would end,
Perhaps right in a way,
With no Mayan left to ask,
But what has come to pass?
And where are we today?
When the smallest of lives,
Are no longer safe,
And they fear to go to school,
I feel as if a fool,
For where was I to act,
Before we reached this place?
On the 20th this day,
In 2012,
I know what I can say,
For I was called to stir hearts,
And to give strong words,
I can not think to write,
Writing what my heart has heard,
As I am doing now,
In a waiting room,
Looking for a safety rope,
To the human race a teather,
Could it be that we all have it?
For we are here together,
Praying God where are you,
While our ears don't hear a word,
Stop now,
And thrill,
Hear the sound,
Music of love,
Resounds from above,
Look at the crowd,
We are in this together,
God gave through love,
Gifts that astound,
Patience that abounds,
If we do not see,
Towards feeling again,
Then we will truly,
Be at the end.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vicki's Gift - A Commemoration of Vicki Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary

 Victoria Soto
Dear Carlee,

I wish I could have found a picture of your sister with her students.  I can see her in my mind listening to their words like no other.  When I found out what happened I was just trying to get to my email.  I could not stop crying.  Yet in this world when so many just think of themselves, your sister became the example of thinking of others.  Vicki is the example of love.  

When I write, I don't try to think up things to write.  It either comes to me or it does not.  This came to me and it was one I had to write through tears.  I believe it expresses love and connections.  It expresses the horrific pain of loss which is beyond my comprehension, even after my brother was killed by a guy named Ron in Atlanta who was doing drugs at the time.  There is simply no way to understand.  

I will remember your sister's bravery.  I will remember your sister's love.  I will remember that in spite of someone's best efforts, there will be a universe of children who will live on this world descending from the lives she saved.



The bond of the heart,
Can't be satisfied by touch,
The hearts reside together,
Yet the pain is too much,
One stretching arms to Heaven,
As tears fulfill her eyes,
One reaching out below,
Both wondering why,
As one lived for children,
She took them under wing,
By giving them her heart,
She taught their hearts to sing,
You know how she was with them,
When they spoke she listened,
Learning from their words,
Her eyes would simply glisten,
They live because she lived,
She knew the truth of love,
By placing their lives first,
As God did from above,
She knew that if they lived,
The battle would be won,
Perhaps for this same reason,
God gave his only Son,
And so one sister lives,
By carrying the other's heart,
And many more do live,
Because she did impart,
As they have families too,
Their children will hear,
The precious gift of Vicki,
One they hold so dear.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Reflections - For Families of Sandy Hook Elemetary

Just hearing the news I could not imagine racing to my daughter's school from work, wondering if she was alive or dead.  So many parents faced this horror today.  I do not know what to say, and prayed to God for the right words.  Sometimes just being there is the best thing.  Please keep them all in your prayers.

I see them there,
As I come around,
They are smiling to me,
Always contagious,
Very outgoing,
Your burdens lift,
When in their presence,
I feel it every time,
It hits me again,
Later in the day,
Outside in the laughter,
In the crowd I hear them,
I see them from behind,
Approaching with joy,
I want to be there,
Just to laugh with them,
Their images disappear,
Along with their lives,
Taken from them suddenly,
Stolen from our hearts,
They were killed,
With homework undone,
With hearts untouched,
Other lives to be won,
Love to be unleashed,
Felt in other arms,
Their children will never be,
All of this taken from me,
With a shot to my heart,
Yet my mind is reeling,
For why do I see them?
Is the pain too much for me?
Was this more than I could see?
Can I not accept they are gone?
I can’t keep seeing them,
My sanity begs for mercy,
Through the veil of my tears,
Yet why are they smiling,
When I see them now?
Could it be they are well?
Happy in Heaven’s fold,
In a paradise of no pain,
No memory of wrongs done,
If God is really out there,
Then they are with Him,
If they are truly with Him,
Then what am I seeing?
Why would God allow that,
If He truly loves me?
Perhaps it is a sign,
Knowing what is real,
And they are in paradise,
Is a vision I am given,
To allow me to heal,
I know they are not here,
They cannot truly be,
Perhaps it is reflections,
Accounting for what I see,
As an image bends on water,
I cannot see them clearly,
But I can see enough,
Since I can see beauty,
I cannot explain,
Why tragedy strikes,
From freedom of will,
Which he placed in existence,
So that the likes of us,
Have the power to transform,
The power to change lives,
Or bring them to an end,
If he placed such a thing,
As free will in my hand,
I will help others with it,
Those grieving around me,
To show them what I see,
So that they have truth,
Knowing life is still precious,
Our friends our in our hearts,
And as we hold each others hands,
Nothing can destroy love.

Believe - For Christmas 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Living Colors - In Honor of Ron Dias (1937-2013)

I wrote this inspired by a friend my wife and I came to know near Monterey, California.  He is Ron Dias, an animator who worked with Disney for at least 50 years.  If you meet him face to face, you could not help but smile.  Even with a phone call from hundreds of miles away, I always felt elated and ready to face anything after hearing his voice.  What I am trying to say is that his illustrations merely show the magic that lives on from his life, something that can only exist where faith fuels love.  As one who loves God, I could only empathize with him.  In his older years he watched CGI replace human animation.  He had also seen his ability to paint leave him.  One thing I could not allow to leave this man was his joy, and we shared that each time we could talk with each other.  As long as I live, I will go on sharing his joy and force of life with others.

Where is magic born?
In what does it reside?
It can be found anywhere,
Where the heart can truly see,
That’s how magic is found,
And how it came to me,
Upon a day in Monterey,
Thanksgiving we did share,
In sharing we did speak,
A gentleman we did meet,
The warmest smile ever,
A laugh that filled the heart,
He drew a gift for my girl,
A princess on a napkin,
A fairy in our hearts,
Tinkerbell came to life,
With love through his hand,
In fantasy all of his life,
Making characters real,
Giving warmth of heart,
Adding to our world,
Since he was a young man,
Sleeping Beauty made us fans,
That world became part of ours,
Through magic in his hand,
His pen gave ladies beauty,
His pen gave men their charm,
Bringing fear from their foes,
And saving them from harm,
Our childhood dreams were full,
Imagination was our light,
Giving creation to creativity,
All throughout his life,
Yet time must see progress,
And technology paves a way,
As computers now draw for us,
The animators with us,
Saw an end to their day,
Yet my friend keeps smiling,
And I for him,
We fan our fires,
To not grow dim,
For the magic he imparts,
Will always find safe haven,
Deep within my heart.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Touch (for Ewa Błaszczyk and family)

There is a Polish actress named Ewa Błaszczyk (Polish link, but shows Ewa's daughter Ola) who suffered the loss of her husband, and a terrible accident with her daughter Ola.  Ola lost partial function in her brain leaving her unable to speak or move.  In a documentary about her, I was amazed at Ola's responsiveness and signs of understanding.  Further interviews with people who have come out of this state reveal first hand accounts of what it is like to be trapped inside a body you can not communicate with, when your mind is sound.  Ewa and her other daughter have poured over 10 years of love and support into Ola so she can have what life may be possible to enjoy.  She has also started a foundation called Akogo to find cures to such neurological ailments.  If you can help people by supporting this or another neurology foundation in your own company, do so.  In the end, love will overcome all obstacles.

 Ewa and daughters before the accident

Ewa and daughter Ola after the accident

The accident happened,
The injury came,
Everything changed,
All of a sudden,
She could not talk,
Unable to move,
I look in her eyes,
My daughter is still,
She is still my heart,
My mind is torn,
Destroying my heart,
For love is powerful,
And I feel so week,
There is no escape,
Even in my sleep.

The accident happened,
And this I do know,
There is so much to say,
Which I cannot show,
My mother stays with me,
With strength of love,
Each day I must face,
Trapped inside this place,
Why did God allow this,
To happen to me?
Trying to move,
As they care for me,
Trying to speak,
Just one single word,
Yet I remain unheard.

I reach to my daughter,
Just one single touch,
Her eyes speak the words,
I love you so much,
A tear in my eye,
I try not to cry,
With wordless talk,
As limitations abound,
So many unaware,
In their lives out there,
Yet love overcomes,
This and much more,
Giving our lives meaning,
For God gave us touch,
To open this door.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Life Life Alive!


Olivia's concert to benefit research for a cure to Multiple Sclerosis was a huge hit!  See the article here! 

I recently heard that Olivia Newton-John will perform for an MS Society benefit on Deceber 11th.  I wrote this inspired by someone my wife and I know.  You would never know she has MS, and I am going to keep things that way.  What I can tell you is that when she was given the diagnosis and news of defeat, she rose to victory through faith and passion for life.  She simply said, "If I am well must life like I am well.  If I am sick I must live like I am well."  I have never heard more powerful words of living what you pray for, or a better example of strength.  No one ever can know what will happen, but we all must choose the directions we will take.  That is what affects where we are going.  Please support the MS Society in their work towards a cure.

I was young and beautiful,
Strong and free,
Living life full,
Being all I could be,
When suddenly something,
Came out of the blue,
When it struck my soul,
I did not know what to do.

The doctor told me,
There is not a cure,
What I would have left,
I was not even sure,
Would I lose mobility?
This was more than fear,
And all I could do,
Was hold to those dear.

Whether I'm sick,
Whether I thrive,
I will survive,
Live life alive!

This is no trick,
This is no lie,
Truth will survive,
Live life alive!

I looked in the mirror,
Not sure what to see,
My husband looked on,
At the beauty in me,
He was by my side,
And with me he prayed,
To find out the answers,
And live from this day.

The doctor did tell me,
That I became ill,
But what was not spoken,
Was my force of will,
To live life alive,
No matter what comes,
For life is a blessing,
Which can't be undone!

Whether I'm sick,
Whether I thrive,
I will survive,
Live life alive!

This is no trick,
This is no lie,
Truth will survive,
Live life alive!

There are no answers,
Of why things must occur,
They happen so fast,
That life can be blurred,
When walking or not,
One thing does stand true,
We are each given life,
For what we must do.

I am loved by my daugter,
I am loved by my man,
What must happen happens,
Through love we will stand,
Will we let something stop us,
Or will we see blessings through?
Whether we live our lives loving,
The choice is for you!

Whether I'm sick,
Whether I thrive,
I will survive,
Live life alive!

This is no trick,
This is no lie,
Truth will survive,
Live life alive!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Ride on The Polar Express

Inspired by my daughter Jessica's joy in riding the Polar Express in Durango, Colorado
I scarcely could believe,
The magic in my heart,
Reality approaches,
And reason encroaches,
To take the magic away,
I thought it might prevail,
Until that fateful day,
For in the town of Durango,
I stood on a winter's night,
My parents by my side,
And many standing near,
Until the crowd began to cheer,
And through a cloud of steam,
It rolled in from the night,
Black clad iron grandeur,
The Polar Express came into sight,
We boarded with our hearts,
Leaping from our chests,
Into the vintage cars,
Adorned with all the best,
 Christmas colors abound,
The conductor's voice did sound,
And with a whistle blow,
We rolled away from town,
Under way to Santa's land,
With hot chocolate soon in hand,
To the North Pole we did roll,
Through the night stars cold and grand,
Then the lights did come in sight,
Where the elves did laugh and play,
And as we rounded round the track,
We saw Santa on his sleigh,
For the train came round his side,
Then he boarded for the ride,
Under the darkest cloak of night,
My excitement could not hide,
As footsteps creaked the floor,
I swung round towards the door,
I never heard it open,
For the one children adore,
Who came close by my side,
Near my ear so he could tell,
That my wish would be his joy,
As he gave me a sleigh bell,
For later on that night,
As I lie there in my bed,
With the magic in my head,
Knowing it would never depart,
For Christmas lives forever,
If you believe love in your heart.