Thursday, December 20, 2012

The End? - Written on 12/20/12

Tomorrow is the day,
The Mayans said it all would end,
Perhaps right in a way,
With no Mayan left to ask,
But what has come to pass?
And where are we today?
When the smallest of lives,
Are no longer safe,
And they fear to go to school,
I feel as if a fool,
For where was I to act,
Before we reached this place?
On the 20th this day,
In 2012,
I know what I can say,
For I was called to stir hearts,
And to give strong words,
I can not think to write,
Writing what my heart has heard,
As I am doing now,
In a waiting room,
Looking for a safety rope,
To the human race a teather,
Could it be that we all have it?
For we are here together,
Praying God where are you,
While our ears don't hear a word,
Stop now,
And thrill,
Hear the sound,
Music of love,
Resounds from above,
Look at the crowd,
We are in this together,
God gave through love,
Gifts that astound,
Patience that abounds,
If we do not see,
Towards feeling again,
Then we will truly,
Be at the end.

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