Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Ride on The Polar Express

Inspired by my daughter Jessica's joy in riding the Polar Express in Durango, Colorado
I scarcely could believe,
The magic in my heart,
Reality approaches,
And reason encroaches,
To take the magic away,
I thought it might prevail,
Until that fateful day,
For in the town of Durango,
I stood on a winter's night,
My parents by my side,
And many standing near,
Until the crowd began to cheer,
And through a cloud of steam,
It rolled in from the night,
Black clad iron grandeur,
The Polar Express came into sight,
We boarded with our hearts,
Leaping from our chests,
Into the vintage cars,
Adorned with all the best,
 Christmas colors abound,
The conductor's voice did sound,
And with a whistle blow,
We rolled away from town,
Under way to Santa's land,
With hot chocolate soon in hand,
To the North Pole we did roll,
Through the night stars cold and grand,
Then the lights did come in sight,
Where the elves did laugh and play,
And as we rounded round the track,
We saw Santa on his sleigh,
For the train came round his side,
Then he boarded for the ride,
Under the darkest cloak of night,
My excitement could not hide,
As footsteps creaked the floor,
I swung round towards the door,
I never heard it open,
For the one children adore,
Who came close by my side,
Near my ear so he could tell,
That my wish would be his joy,
As he gave me a sleigh bell,
For later on that night,
As I lie there in my bed,
With the magic in my head,
Knowing it would never depart,
For Christmas lives forever,
If you believe love in your heart.

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