Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The River of Life

 Imagine this.
I am standing on the back deck where I work, looking at the San Diego river.  Behind a bin a worker left some paint some time ago, with a black plastic drop cloth covering the cans.  We have had some rain.  We have had some wind blowing a bit of dirt I am sure.  And there the seeds blew, and sprouted into living plants.  There?  Inspiring me to write?
Imagine that!

The river flows,
Where it may roam,
The river flows,
From start to home,
Water finds a way,
Wearing rock in time,
Finding easy passage,
Seldom in straight line.

Life is the same,
In persistence will last,
Always finding ways,
In what comes to pass,
As fire burns the forest,
Bringing ash and woe,
The canopy is cleared,
That new seeds grow.

The orchestration plays,
The conductor never sways,
In always finding ways,
The music does persist,
How often does it show,
In sights that we all know,
The magic does not slow,
That’s why we do exist.


How can it be denied?

In the cracks,
Green rises,
Life’s magic,
Love’s surprises,
Seen in  smallest things,
Hear creation sing,
And know your answers,
Will come in the flow.

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