Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vicki's Gift - A Commemoration of Vicki Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary

 Victoria Soto
Dear Carlee,

I wish I could have found a picture of your sister with her students.  I can see her in my mind listening to their words like no other.  When I found out what happened I was just trying to get to my email.  I could not stop crying.  Yet in this world when so many just think of themselves, your sister became the example of thinking of others.  Vicki is the example of love.  

When I write, I don't try to think up things to write.  It either comes to me or it does not.  This came to me and it was one I had to write through tears.  I believe it expresses love and connections.  It expresses the horrific pain of loss which is beyond my comprehension, even after my brother was killed by a guy named Ron in Atlanta who was doing drugs at the time.  There is simply no way to understand.  

I will remember your sister's bravery.  I will remember your sister's love.  I will remember that in spite of someone's best efforts, there will be a universe of children who will live on this world descending from the lives she saved.



The bond of the heart,
Can't be satisfied by touch,
The hearts reside together,
Yet the pain is too much,
One stretching arms to Heaven,
As tears fulfill her eyes,
One reaching out below,
Both wondering why,
As one lived for children,
She took them under wing,
By giving them her heart,
She taught their hearts to sing,
You know how she was with them,
When they spoke she listened,
Learning from their words,
Her eyes would simply glisten,
They live because she lived,
She knew the truth of love,
By placing their lives first,
As God did from above,
She knew that if they lived,
The battle would be won,
Perhaps for this same reason,
God gave his only Son,
And so one sister lives,
By carrying the other's heart,
And many more do live,
Because she did impart,
As they have families too,
Their children will hear,
The precious gift of Vicki,
One they hold so dear.

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