Monday, March 30, 2015

Shawn, Bobby, and the Radio

On Sunday we visited with a wonderful lady named Evelyn whowas having a garage sale.  That became a memory and a gift on the eve of what would be my brother's birthday.  This became a moment shared that we will not forget.

On a beautiful Sunday,
Rolling through the country,
Around the next hill,
We passed a garage sale,
Themed to communication,
For there were radios.

The owner was a miracle,
The first baby with a new heart,
Given to him by doctors,
In the city of San Diego,
And he gave his heart to others,
Through his life.

Many people knew him,
He gave them each a smile,
Inspiration to continue,
Becoming part of many lives,
Many adding to his joy,
In their songs.

Music was his passion,
Restoring radios of old,
Hearing music played anew,
Causing music from old machines,
To bless new ears.

The garage sale of family,
Ran by a lady of heart,
Turned a circumstance of ending,
Into new beginnings,
As we spoke of a shared passion,
With my brother and Bobby.

For Shawn loved the old things,
Retaining values of old,
Poured forth his foundation,
Into the world he knew,
As I shared interest in his forging,
While he built memories in my life.

And so the radio of Bobby,
Came into the hands of my heart,
As the five of us shared stories,
While three stood on the driveway,
And two stood in the company,
Of The One.

And so nearly on Shawn’s birthday,
The gift of song plays music,
While the radio stands in my home,
And the song plays in our hearts,
As our souls defy the temporal,
Love’s music resounds forever.

Friday, March 27, 2015


Each life is a circle,
With our words and actions,
Touching the circles,
Of other lives.

We touch in our motion,
And in never forgetting,
We carry someone’s heart,
To others we meet.

In sharing of energy,
Our circles do join,
Each one a universe,
In the space of life.

So when a life ends,
That circle goes on,
Touching new hearts,
With undying light.

All that we eat,
And all that we drink,
Becomes part of our bodies,
Each day we breathe.

So does all that we day,
And everything we do,
Become part of other lives,
Like gifts that we leave.

This is no accident,
Or evolution of nature,
Which happened by chance,
And happens to be.

This is the magic of God,
And the music of life,
So all souls may dance,
In Creation’s beauty.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Through All Things

Within the breeze,
Sounds will dim,
Distractions flicker and die.
Within the blowing,
My thoughts will clear,
Though far and near,
As I understand why.

Inside the tranquil,
Amidst the noise,
I can be inside thunder.
With peace in my heart,
Inside the storm,
There is a knowing,
In the coming and going,
I will not tear asunder.

Peace is the knowledge,
Within the chaos,
All will resolve and be well.
Knowledge unseen,
A description of faith,
Tested through fire,
The strength time will tell.

Words are the wisdom,
Conveyed through eyes,
In sharing face to face.
On this proving ground,
God’s message proved sound,
Through all things,
Love can’t be erased.


The magic is to me,
Not knowing all to be,
Revealing in time by love to me,

For love is magical,
Joy and pain in life are integral,
With heart solutions true and full,

Each soul is wild and free,
Touching sky to wings for all to see,
Nesting nightly in the tallest trees,

In a space of time we fall,
Yet life’s sweet song surrounds us all,
Hearts living on to sing love’s call,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


When lives touch,
Meaning intertwines,
As fingers of two hands,
Skills awaken skills,
Feelings spark emotion,
A word edifies beliefs,
Beliefs lead into actions,
Actions change reality,
And reality changes souls,
As souls live off energy,
The greatest being love,
Fire spreading through eyes,
Sound awakening joy,
A child’s laugh in the ears,
Can make a day worth living,
An old man’s word to the young,
Can make living words dance,
As many things fuel fire,
We are filled with many things,
Once poured into another,
That life is changed forever,
Fears become absurdities,
For love makes fear flee,
Doubts become shameful,
As purpose replaces indifference,
Change replaces the stagnant,
Pain may come for a moment,
For growth is never easy,
As we grow closer to the sun,
Growing closer to our strength,
Ever closer to our God,
Our hair brushed by the stars,
Our lives carried so far,
Beyond the universe’s borders,
For someone freed our souls,
With a smile.

Make The Change

 Believing something can be different is the first step in making it different.
Believing you can make that difference is the second step.
Sharing your thoughts with another can show how to make it real.
Suddenly the world becomes changed by your belief.
This is for my wife who changed me for the better, a Polish musician named Edyta who does this through her music, and for each of you who do the same in your own way.

Rhythm is the blood of souls,
Music is the flow from the heart.
The beat comes from long ago,
Long before time got its start.
The changes which come our way,
Can only see the light of day.
When singing souls join as one,
There’s nothing which cannot be done.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

The death of hope is in the news,
Where details paint in darker hues.
And right back home upon the street,
Confirming scenes where eyes don’t meet.
Where apathy is king today,
Its chaos children will run and play.
For change to come you make the start,
Believe it first inside your heart.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

True miracles are not by God’s hand,
They come by his power through human hands.
And the miracle comes through this song,
Knowing in our weakness we are made strong.
It is love that overcomes any odds,
Changing the face of Earth where we may trod.
So make this day glow with your power bright,
By believing first things are made right.

Its not to late.
See the long range,
Its in your hand,
To make the change.

Monday, March 9, 2015

In Honor of Her Love - Women's Day 2015

If you never act upon your feelings, 
did you ever have them?
Never miss an opportunity to show how you feel.


They remember when we forget,
Quite often wondering why,
They keep track of the whirlwind,
With words a mile a minute,
And if by chance you are in it,
You become lost in conversation,
Giving in with a sigh.

She gives you reason for waking,
Filling your day with fragrance,
As you explore her heart each day,
Knowing her mind a little more,
As she holds your heart in hers,
Patiently painting shared life,
As the meaning of life shines true.

She holds my heart upon Earth,
While my mind explores this universe,
She bears patient witness of my folly,
My successes become ours by her strength,
Her beauty gives me endless words,
The words of her heart bring me truth,
And I will always sing of her love.