Tuesday, March 17, 2015


When lives touch,
Meaning intertwines,
As fingers of two hands,
Skills awaken skills,
Feelings spark emotion,
A word edifies beliefs,
Beliefs lead into actions,
Actions change reality,
And reality changes souls,
As souls live off energy,
The greatest being love,
Fire spreading through eyes,
Sound awakening joy,
A child’s laugh in the ears,
Can make a day worth living,
An old man’s word to the young,
Can make living words dance,
As many things fuel fire,
We are filled with many things,
Once poured into another,
That life is changed forever,
Fears become absurdities,
For love makes fear flee,
Doubts become shameful,
As purpose replaces indifference,
Change replaces the stagnant,
Pain may come for a moment,
For growth is never easy,
As we grow closer to the sun,
Growing closer to our strength,
Ever closer to our God,
Our hair brushed by the stars,
Our lives carried so far,
Beyond the universe’s borders,
For someone freed our souls,
With a smile.

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