Monday, March 9, 2015

In Honor of Her Love - Women's Day 2015

If you never act upon your feelings, 
did you ever have them?
Never miss an opportunity to show how you feel.


They remember when we forget,
Quite often wondering why,
They keep track of the whirlwind,
With words a mile a minute,
And if by chance you are in it,
You become lost in conversation,
Giving in with a sigh.

She gives you reason for waking,
Filling your day with fragrance,
As you explore her heart each day,
Knowing her mind a little more,
As she holds your heart in hers,
Patiently painting shared life,
As the meaning of life shines true.

She holds my heart upon Earth,
While my mind explores this universe,
She bears patient witness of my folly,
My successes become ours by her strength,
Her beauty gives me endless words,
The words of her heart bring me truth,
And I will always sing of her love.

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