Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Heart of Noise - For the Rolling Stones - From San Diego 2015

 This is my thanks to you for the incredible show in San Diego!

It begins with a feeling,
It begins with a drive,
It is rhythm from the heart,
That keeps us all alive.

It is the pulse of all energy,
The pulse of every soul,
From beginning of the feeling,
To the end of the show.

An instrument in hand,
Puts notes into the mind,
A wordless word expression,
Comes forth within its time.

Then the music takes shape,
It is the language of all ages,
Crossing spoken words and culture,
Behold the mystery of sages!

And with the lights turned down,
With all the thousands near,
The stage becomes alive,
With a sound that God can hear.

Thunder rises from the drums,
As the guitars cut through the air,
And a voice then raises fire,
As crowds rise from their chairs!

It is magic to experience,
It is a force to be deployed,
As souls rise to the heavens,
Lifted by the Heart of Noise!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Crossroads of the Heart

Where tears and joy cross roads,
And mystery collides with truth,
Life occurs in harmony,
Contrasts in common root.

In a café rests a good book,
Before it sits a mother and child,
Radio sounds and caffeine in my mind,
Signs that life is a mix of the wild.

Clouds caress the burning sun,
Shielding an Earth coming alive,
As we find straight roads in chaos,
To the way of love we strive.

For the wonderful images of life,
The eyes must be closed to see,
As heart perceives through illusion,
What always was and is to be.

For a song is best heard in silence,
When sounds are perceived loud and true,
Take time to embrace the serene,
And you will always know what to do.

Each Life a Universe

 I wrote this for a friend of ours who just lost her mother.

Time is a mystery,
As moments pass into days,
Days pass into years,
Years fade into moments,
In the blink of an eye.

Lives within the mystery,
Are born in the sunrise,
Roam the fields and rivers,
Changing every day,
Then ascending to the sky.

Mystery is revealed,
When we turn away from sight,
Looking only with the heart,
Gazing into truths,
Which the eye cannot see.

For every life that was,
And every life that is,
Is part of life forever,
Bound by heart together,
Was and is to be.

Entwined in all of our days,
Her love woven through words,
Knitted strong in her actions,
The fabric of our lives,
From the thread of her soul.

She feels our moments now,
As we feel all her moments then,
Time faced in truth as an illusion,
God’s plan dispelling confusion,
In His love we are made whole.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Angel Flight - For Memorial Day 2015

"Come on brother, I am taking you home." - C130 Angel Flight transmission.

My father is a hero,
As all fathers really are.
Some work from 9 to 5,
Others work as stars.
My Dad has worked a job,
That many did before.
He took the time he spent from us,
So he could fight a war.

Sleeping under stars above,
He spent many nights.
With his brothers brave or scared,
Tired from the fight.
It did not matter how he felt,
He did what he should do.
That he always thought of us,
Somehow pulled him through.

Today he is coming home,
Beneath the red sunlight.
I was there to meet with him,
Coming down from his flight.
I ran to get as close to him,
As I only could.
Both our souls did embrace,
Kept separate by the wood.

The only way he made it home,
Was on the Angel flight.
Carried in the arms of our souls,
Away from his last fight.
He gave us all he had to give,
So we could all be free.
Though I missed my time with him,
He gave his life to me.

The men that brought him to us,
Did not need to speak.
They said what words could not say,
And in my pain I never blinked.
They brought him home as they should,
To be back in our hands.
Though his heart took off with them,
His soul would never land.

As I look into the glass,
I see his face today.
Standing from the mirror back,
I wonder what he would say.
Though I was a boy back then,
I think I felt God’s plan.
I was given to him as a child,
So he could raise a man.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where Truth Lies

The ones who look most lonely,
May never be lonely at all.

The least in stature around us,
May be the one who stands most tall.

The person who most values peace,
May have indeed seen the most strife.

The one who does not seem smart,
May understand the truths of life.

Our universe without boundaries,
Is indeed a very small place.

The imagination of a child,
Can exceed both time and space.

The person who feels unknown,
Can reach and endless sea of lives.

The achiever of a great work,
May never need to strive.

What we truly are,
May not be what we see.

For the human eye,
Can not see what will be.

Much too often in life,
We seek things to see for proof.

Yet the unseen matters of the heart,
Are the biggest source of truth.