Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Angel Flight - For Memorial Day 2015

"Come on brother, I am taking you home." - C130 Angel Flight transmission.

My father is a hero,
As all fathers really are.
Some work from 9 to 5,
Others work as stars.
My Dad has worked a job,
That many did before.
He took the time he spent from us,
So he could fight a war.

Sleeping under stars above,
He spent many nights.
With his brothers brave or scared,
Tired from the fight.
It did not matter how he felt,
He did what he should do.
That he always thought of us,
Somehow pulled him through.

Today he is coming home,
Beneath the red sunlight.
I was there to meet with him,
Coming down from his flight.
I ran to get as close to him,
As I only could.
Both our souls did embrace,
Kept separate by the wood.

The only way he made it home,
Was on the Angel flight.
Carried in the arms of our souls,
Away from his last fight.
He gave us all he had to give,
So we could all be free.
Though I missed my time with him,
He gave his life to me.

The men that brought him to us,
Did not need to speak.
They said what words could not say,
And in my pain I never blinked.
They brought him home as they should,
To be back in our hands.
Though his heart took off with them,
His soul would never land.

As I look into the glass,
I see his face today.
Standing from the mirror back,
I wonder what he would say.
Though I was a boy back then,
I think I felt God’s plan.
I was given to him as a child,
So he could raise a man.

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