Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Each Life a Universe

 I wrote this for a friend of ours who just lost her mother.

Time is a mystery,
As moments pass into days,
Days pass into years,
Years fade into moments,
In the blink of an eye.

Lives within the mystery,
Are born in the sunrise,
Roam the fields and rivers,
Changing every day,
Then ascending to the sky.

Mystery is revealed,
When we turn away from sight,
Looking only with the heart,
Gazing into truths,
Which the eye cannot see.

For every life that was,
And every life that is,
Is part of life forever,
Bound by heart together,
Was and is to be.

Entwined in all of our days,
Her love woven through words,
Knitted strong in her actions,
The fabric of our lives,
From the thread of her soul.

She feels our moments now,
As we feel all her moments then,
Time faced in truth as an illusion,
God’s plan dispelling confusion,
In His love we are made whole.

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