Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Heart of Noise - For the Rolling Stones - From San Diego 2015

 This is my thanks to you for the incredible show in San Diego!

It begins with a feeling,
It begins with a drive,
It is rhythm from the heart,
That keeps us all alive.

It is the pulse of all energy,
The pulse of every soul,
From beginning of the feeling,
To the end of the show.

An instrument in hand,
Puts notes into the mind,
A wordless word expression,
Comes forth within its time.

Then the music takes shape,
It is the language of all ages,
Crossing spoken words and culture,
Behold the mystery of sages!

And with the lights turned down,
With all the thousands near,
The stage becomes alive,
With a sound that God can hear.

Thunder rises from the drums,
As the guitars cut through the air,
And a voice then raises fire,
As crowds rise from their chairs!

It is magic to experience,
It is a force to be deployed,
As souls rise to the heavens,
Lifted by the Heart of Noise!

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