Tuesday, June 2, 2015

On The Highway

A sound in the distance,
Like a subtle wind,
While winding in darkness,
A pair of lights shine through,
Coming from and going to,
Places I do not know,
A story we cannot show,
Concealed in the night.

She does not know her soul,
Taken from her so early,
The iron gate shut in youth,
Sealing in the awful truth,
The pain that she must hide,
All the tears which she cried,
Now ice inside a frozen heart,
From that which he had taken.

For the father of her heart,
Became the nightmare of her days,
With neighbors being so near,
No one chose to hear,
She could not cry for help,
And so the chapter never closed,
Like the petals from a rose,
The years had fallen away.

She is now afraid of love,
And she cannot hold the hand,
Of a truthful loving man,
Or the God who still holds her,
Though her face is turned away,
She lost the strength and will to pray,
As she drives a lonely road,
That ended before it began.

Reach out within your heart,
That she may one day find her start,
And know life holds love and meaning,
As each soul holds a story,
One soul behind each face,
Eyes behind a pair of lights,
The lights of stories fill my view,
On the highway.

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