Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Tears of Mary

I was holding water in my hand and suddenly realized it never leaves Earth.
It was then that I considered I could be holding what once were the tears Mary
cried at the cross of her Son.

Emotions do convey,
When words are unspoken,
As waves upon the water,
They become a token,
Passed between souls,
Together on the path.

Nothing has left us,
As energy can’t be destroyed,
Through the good we do add,
Expanding Heaven’s boundaries,
An infinity of joy,
Going on forever.

Just like the waters,
Which have never left Earth,
Being born living in them,
Surrounding and inside us,
To new shores they draw us,
In life’s wondrous journey.

Every drop of rain,
Falls again and again,
Giving birth to new joy,
Since life is born through pain,
As by the Cross sorrow fell,
In the tears of Mary.

Monday, June 16, 2014

What the World Needs

This shows a rare sight of John Paul II, as he appears alone.
He was never alone, but always communing with God.
We are the same in a sense, and always choosing who we will be.

I just read a book by Jason Everet about John Paul II and his 5 Great Loves.  This book changed my approach to prayer, and strengthened my view and understanding of faith.  I had written about John Paul II before in a piece called "The Compassionate Voyager" at the hour he left us.  That was sent to Everet with a promise that after his book, I would write again and share with him.  His book details the life of John Paul II better than anything I can imagine, but it was not about him.  The book was about me.  It was about each of us in our relationship to God, and how we are going to use the gift of life.  As God as my witness I will not loose that message, but grow.  Upon closing the cover of that book and praying that prayer, I wrote this.

The illusion,
So great illusion,
Is that life begins and ends.
Yet life’s song,
The greatest song,
Through hearts never ends.

The Spirit,
The Holy Spirit,
Is proof life thrives.
Through hearts,
Through all hearts,
Displays God’s love alive.

A man,
A simple man,
Manifested life of love.
He called,
He cried aloud,
Inviting the Spirit from above.

He took it forward,
Through trails to mankind.
The Second,
John Paul the Second,
Left no soul behind.

He took me,
On Christ’s journey of love.
Forever transformed…

How can it be,
One such as me,
Pulled from the depths,
Lost and bereft,
Nothing by far,
Lifted to the stars,
To know time and space,
By the love of God’s face?

The world,
All the world,
Hears all of our souls.
To know,
They will know,
The extent of our goals.

Such as me,
Given the gift to write.
And I must,
Continue till the night.

I must share,
What I know to be true.
Love’s fire,
A living fire,
To ignite within you.

God is the mystery of truth,
He is the fire of peace,
Bringing captivity to love,
Which sets us free to live,
Bringing the knowledge of blindness,
Which grants vision to our hearts,
Realizing weakness through pain,
We see the source of true strength,
For time is the communion of souls,
And truth is we are one in God.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Full Circle

Created two,
Both Adam and Eve,
Far across the seas,
In joy amidst the trees,

They willed to leave,
And they did grieve,
To live in sweat,
Children to beget,

Children across lands,
Making many plans,
In peace and strife,
In love and life,

In wonder of the day,
All to do and to say,
Walking paths of the land,
Seeking warmth of other hands,

Much to see and to do,
Seeking love and finding true,
Families made under the sun,
Giving start to such as you,


I met a lady named Peggy who turned out to be an author.  She 
was sitting at Starbucks reading a book about 
Pope John Paul II, and we started speaking about 
life and faith.  I gave her my card with my blogs
and she gave me this book called "Saint John Paul II
The Great:  His Five Great Loves."  This poem was 
written there on that experience.
A life can keep giving,
Long after living,
Fire passed heart to heart.
A desire to fulfill,
Is the passionate thrill,
Giving the journey its start.

Through book or voice,
Always a choice,
There are ways seeds to give,
Planted in many new hearts,
New growth always starts,
With love they thrive and live.

I remember John Paul,
Who always stood tall,
Kneeling to kiss the ground,
Yet his heart beats today,
As a woman reads today,
In her book his words are found.

Our words are the wind,
With the fire of heart to send,
Spreading the joy of our light.
For our souls never die,
From our hearts fear will fly,
As we sing this song of life.