Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Tears of Mary

I was holding water in my hand and suddenly realized it never leaves Earth.
It was then that I considered I could be holding what once were the tears Mary
cried at the cross of her Son.

Emotions do convey,
When words are unspoken,
As waves upon the water,
They become a token,
Passed between souls,
Together on the path.

Nothing has left us,
As energy can’t be destroyed,
Through the good we do add,
Expanding Heaven’s boundaries,
An infinity of joy,
Going on forever.

Just like the waters,
Which have never left Earth,
Being born living in them,
Surrounding and inside us,
To new shores they draw us,
In life’s wondrous journey.

Every drop of rain,
Falls again and again,
Giving birth to new joy,
Since life is born through pain,
As by the Cross sorrow fell,
In the tears of Mary.

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