Saturday, July 29, 2017

Where the Wolves Sing

 From the Woodlands, 
 Ancient eyes, 
 Within the Woodlands, 
 Ancient souls, 
 Moving in silence, 
 The wind sings their song, 
 Moving emotion, 
 Their thoughts are their feelings, 
 Creatures of wisdom, 
  As they mate for life, 
 Creatures of wisdom, 
 Their treasure is each other, 
 A lesson we have forgotten, 
 In chasing our illusions, 
 But to feel your way back, 
 Look into their eyes. 

 They seek to live, 
Life is their reward,
 Only to live, 
 To be part of the magic, 
 Life's pulse in the Woodlands, 
 Racing with the wind, 
 Unconfined by the flesh,
 Racing with the wind, 
 Their souls cannot be bound, 
 Feel them without your fears, 
 And they will respect you, 
 Feel them without your fears, 
 Let your soul race with their wind, 
 Learn to live by the heart, 
 Which is the source of true vision, 
 Where the wolves sing in wisdom, 
 In the circle of life. 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Patient Heart

 In  the ocean of spirits, 
 We found a heart. 
 In the sea of life, 
  We found a soul. 
 Following the wind, 
 We followed the calling. 
 For only when exploring, 
 Can you find home. 

 In speaking of science, 
 In speaking of living, 
 In speaking of loving, 
 We spoke the truth. 
 In the bonds of laughter, 
 In the bonds of friendship, 
  In the bonds of faith, 
 Finding freedom of youth. 

 Time took a backseat, 
 Because Earth is the stage, 
 Where we might add, 
 Good things to Heaven.
 For each soul is endless, 
 But the heart sees forever, 
 Then the moment stood still, 
 For time is illusion. 

 We watched as she listened, 
 We listened as she spoke,
 Each chance to gain more, 
 Being nothing but joy, 
 What is to long for, 
 What is to live for, 
What is to love for,
 We are faith is employed.

 Kindred spirits,
 Who found soulmates, 
 From each other, 
 Will not depart, 
 It all begins, 
 From choosing joy, 
 This is the wisdom, 
 Of the patient heart. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017


 How high is up, 
 And how far is away? 

What is not seen  first in the heart, 
 Is seldom found with the mind, 
 Scope has no limit,
 Except within the mind, 
 For the eyes can see barriers, 
 While the heart can see forever, 
 Yet even the universe, 
 Has no visible boundaries. 

 Where are the boundaries, 
 When things are unseen? 

Beneath the surface reflections,
Lie the depths of unseen truth.
 Here the eyes lose  authority, 
 And the way must be felt, 
 For touch can go far, 
 But only with the physical, 
 While the treasure of reality, 
 Lies beyond our fingertips.

 Is travel possible, 
 Without the need to move? 

 Motion is just an attempt, 
 To deal with the illusion of distance, 
  While we move in our futility,
 Hawking explores the universe, 
 As the knowledge of his condition, 
 Inspired exploration with his mind, 
 For the love within his heart, 
 Gave him the strength to persevere. 

 What is the mystery of love, 
 Which time has not unraveled? 

 Love manifests in reality, 
 Through the action of creation, 
 Love breaches the gates of Hell,
 Through the sacrifice of desires, 
 Love voids the power of death, 
 Through the joining of souls, 
 For a day not exploring love, 
 Truly is a day wasted.