Friday, January 27, 2012

Motion - Inspired by "The Mountain" Video

(This poem was inspired by the amazing video above.)

The earth turns,
Within the endless sky,
The heavens sparkle,
As in a woman’s eyes,
Love showers me with care,
As the wind blows through my hair,
And we dance.

Clouds caress mountains,
Rolling below my feet,
Spring bloom perfumes,
Embrace my heart sweet,
Woodland creatures behold me,
As I trace life in the stars,
And we dance.

Birds surround in flight,
Contemplating where I may go,
They surround like souls,
Of so many people I know,
As I take what I feel here,
To the people who are so dear,
And we dance.

Our world hangs upon nothing,
And yet we are all safe,
Within the hand of God,
flying together through space,
As we whirl upon the dance floor,
In the circle of life ever more,
We will dance.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Open Doors

I was recently intrigued by the concept of walking through another person’s thoughts and experiences as if they were all in rooms along hallways of the mind.  Then I realized, is this not accomplished in varying degrees through love?  Do we not in some way become part of each other?  (My mind does not actually work like that when I write, it was more of a sudden feeling that came without warning and stayed with me.  The only way I can do anything with it is by putting it into words.)

Once I walked alone,
Alone I saw the world,
Facing my fears,
Gaining my experience,
And then you came,
Through the doorway of love,
You entered my feelings,
Across the bridge of hearts,
You entered my mind,
Walking the hallways,
Opening every door,
Sharing in all that I am,
For behind one door,
Lies my brothers death,
And behind another door,
A crash I had endured,
Yet the pain has abated,
And fear is washed away,
Because you are there,
Behind every door,
And through other doors,
I hold amazement,
Watching a comet crash,
Upon another distant world,
Or seeing beyond the universe,
In the smallest spark of life,
My joy is made greater,
Because you share,
My joy is overflowing,
Because you are there,
Within every room,
Of thought in my mind,
Within all of me,
Because you are mine,
For in love we let go,
Of anxiety and fear,
Embracing perspective,
In joys that we have,
And knowing there is more,
For love is possibility,
Through open doors.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Longevity of Love

My wife and I were blessed this weekend for meeting two wonderful families.  One recently went through the loss of an elder husband and father to cancer, and around the same time the son lost his wife to cancer as well.  On the same day we met another family of 8 siblings who were clearing items left from their mother's home for the same reason.  We were both overwhelmed by the strength and love of these families who never gave up, never stopped doing their best, and made the time they had priceless.  You could see it in the light of their eyes, and how they spoke.  It was wonderful to meet all of them.  My wife and I were discussing some matters on a later day and in response to an optomistic comment she gave me the best compliment I had ever heard.  She said, "I wish I could see the world through your eyes."  The funniest thing is that she actually does.  If she did not, I would never have the same ability to reach out to so many souls whom have gone through so much.  She strengthens my faith and will always be the fire which makes my heart bright.

How we see the world,
Is purely up to us,
Each person of free will,
To choose how to see,
For how we see the world,
Is how we will make it,
Fashioning it by heart,
For that is the only way,
Dreams may come to pass,
Examples of this truth,
Can be seen all around us,
Quite memorably for me,
In the examples of two families,
Who stayed close together,
Helping each other,
Being a strength and joy,
Creating hope and peace,
Where none could be found,
A testimony I could feel,
Within the light of their eyes,
Being there with my wife,
We grew stronger together,
In the mutual agreement,
To see life through love,
And in agreement with her,
We travel far and wide,
Overcoming all pain,
With the strength we have,
For God gave us this,
As a blessing to each other,
Even as she expressed her desire,
To see the world through my eyes,
Where the secret of my joy,
I will now reveal to you,
For my faith is of strength,
And I have joy of perspective,
Because I chose long ago,
To see the world through hers.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Persistence - for Hayley Okines

You would never think there could be a medical condition out there that would age a child at least 8 years for every normal year passed.  Who would imagine it?  Haley has fought against this all of her life, and has defied statistics by surviving until age 13.  Please visit her site and learn more about her.  If you are able to help her family with the tremendous costs of the experimental treatments she is undergoing, please do so at her site below.
She is in her youth,
Full of love and life,
Yet in battle every day,
For the rare condition,
She fights against,
Will always have its say,
She is only thirteen,
And the doctors said,
She could never go this far,
With her family's love,
She defies all odds,
Reminding who we are,
The condition of aging,
She must fight against,
Is something rare to see,
She will not allow it,
To dominate her life,
And so her heart flies free,
The strength of family,
So close at hand,
Full of the power of love,
Reminds me how much,
We each have to fight for,
A lesson from Heaven above.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Children - For Foster Children Everywhere and Families Trying to Adopt Them

Hello world,
You are what I see,
Hello world,
Are you ready for me?
I am all alone,
I am on my own.

Hello heart,
I can feel your beat,
Hello heart,
I am on my feet,
The sky’s above,
I am ready for love.

I have fallen from the nest,
Against the world put to the test,
Without someone to show me how to fly,
With a family I would surly try.

Hello friend,
Out on the street,
Hello friend,
Out in the heat,
Are you alone?
Are you just like me?

Hello fun,
Let’s laugh and play,
Hello fun,
Let’s seize the day,
Until someone,
Comes to set me free.

That will be the day life starts,
When my life is in their hearts,
A family’s love to show me the way,
The light of love will not go away.

Hello Mom,
Is it really you?
Hello Mom,
Can this be true?
Am I good enough,
That you want me to be yours?
Hello Dad,
I cannot believe!
Hello Dad,
Look what I received!
The wait is done,
I will be lonely never more.

May all waiting children know,
That prayer’s power never slows,
And one day they will cease to roam,
They will have family they can call home.


The power we truly have to positively effect life!

We live within space,
Working with various matter,
To effect the course of time,
Using our lives to the fullest,
Feeling our ways as we learn,
Finding the way to grow,
Knowing the limitless,
As we push forth our limits,
Within the concepts we know,
Yet are the concepts true,
Or do we live within a paradox?
With misunderstandings,
And confusion creating limits,
Which may not be real,
For what if space and time,
Are one with thought,
And they are three facets,
Of the very same thing?
For there is no matter,
When every atom known,
Is mostly empty space,
With electrons in orbit,
Traveling beyond speed,
Matter is only energy,
Vibrating at different frequencies,
So that the our human structure,
Can stand upon solid ground,
Being within the space we move,
As we shape the energies around us,
Using the energy of thought,
Aided by the tools of our hands,
So that as energy we shape energy,
Within the space we live,
Measuring such events,
In sequence of organization,
So that time is but a matter,
Of our own perception,
Yet if there are no endings,
Of what we see in motion,
Then can time have a beginning,
Or is it just the ocean?
For God gave these answers,
Upon giving us life,
As the energy of perfect thought,
Changed the energy of realities,
What He thought to be good,
Became the life we have,
What He thought to be beautiful,
Became the world we live in,
Perhaps making the endings we see,
A side effect of our free will,
Creating our illusion of time,
When His perfect thought is timeless,
Creating a path choice for us,
If we choose to act out of love,
For love amplifies thought,
And removes imperfections,
Making what was improbable,
Into what we call miracles,
For God’s miracle through His hand,
Only brings true amazement,
Where God’s miracles through our hand,
Express the perfect beauty of love.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

In Hard Times - For Debbie and for us all...

Deborah Kaplan is a friend I have come to know through some years of professional association.  She has been through recent hip surgery and now has a new injury to the shoulder.  If she can get the surgery, the recovery time will be at least 3 months and she has no one to help her through this.  I have included a link below from one of her emails, feel free to review.

I stand amazed and astounded,
At the way of things befalling us,
Speaking with a woman now,
As she is in pain and hurting,
With no one to turn to,
And no where to go,
Remembering of a woman,
Who was in the same pain,
Years ago but clear as day,
She had no one to turn to,
No one but her husband,
And as she cared for our baby,
With just one arm to use,
I could do nothing from afar,
To assist or help her,
Coming home on lunch,
I tried to set what I could,
Leaving her yet again,
To face futility alone,
Yet one person took notice,
Of the struggle we faced,
And while my wife recovered,
She cooked for our family,
While we struggled alone,
She brought dinner to us,
From the love of her kitchen,
Wonderful Arabic flavors,
And an arm around our shoulders,
To know we were not alone.
Yet each of us is a friend,
Knowing of some others,
And others stand out there,
Knowing of our lives,
So the incredible burden,
Of all of the sufferings,
In the lives all around us,
Could be no burden at all,
Would be no burden at all,
If we each asked the question,
Of what we could do,
Thinking how we can help,
Making a small change,
Thinking it no consequence,
Yet a brick is a small change,
Forming walls with other bricks,
Each one a small part,
To our fortress of strength.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outside of Time

This was the last poem of 2011 for me, written on the night of December 30th as  I traveled alone in the fog while thinking of all that has been through the year.

Upon this misty road,
Through dark passages,
We travel bonded by life,
We are all touched by light,
As I walk with other hearts,
In the mists surrounding me,
Glowing in each other,
Progressing into the night,
Glowing for each other,
Some as individuals,
Some traveling in pairs,
With his light defining strength,
And her light defying beauty,
Draping the mist about her form,
As a white lace wedding dress,
For they are bonded forever,
Each adding to the other,
Forming a wondrous whole,
For when their fingers touch,
Time folds upon itself,
Today collapsing inward,
As the charm of yesterday,
Meets exhilaration of tomorrow,
For a soul does not know time,
And love is the timeless flow,
Meeting challenges of life,
Creating the solutions of living,
Unveiling mysteries of purpose,
While our light burns away the fog,
Creating the clarity of perspective,
To know all of how God blesses us,
As the soul does not count time,
While the elements fade around us,
For time is measured in changes,
And the soul never dies,
So I see these things in travel,
With the soul that walks beside me,
Tasting adventure in full force,
With pain and joy in beauty,
For our soul knows no time.