Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Outside of Time

This was the last poem of 2011 for me, written on the night of December 30th as  I traveled alone in the fog while thinking of all that has been through the year.

Upon this misty road,
Through dark passages,
We travel bonded by life,
We are all touched by light,
As I walk with other hearts,
In the mists surrounding me,
Glowing in each other,
Progressing into the night,
Glowing for each other,
Some as individuals,
Some traveling in pairs,
With his light defining strength,
And her light defying beauty,
Draping the mist about her form,
As a white lace wedding dress,
For they are bonded forever,
Each adding to the other,
Forming a wondrous whole,
For when their fingers touch,
Time folds upon itself,
Today collapsing inward,
As the charm of yesterday,
Meets exhilaration of tomorrow,
For a soul does not know time,
And love is the timeless flow,
Meeting challenges of life,
Creating the solutions of living,
Unveiling mysteries of purpose,
While our light burns away the fog,
Creating the clarity of perspective,
To know all of how God blesses us,
As the soul does not count time,
While the elements fade around us,
For time is measured in changes,
And the soul never dies,
So I see these things in travel,
With the soul that walks beside me,
Tasting adventure in full force,
With pain and joy in beauty,
For our soul knows no time.

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